Still didn’t quite get there

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for a while now but I’ve struggled to find a subject.

I’ve made a few cakes as follows:
Baby block cake – maternity leave cake


Flower cascade cake for a birthday (red velvet cake)


50th birthday Yacht cake


But the trouble is, I didn’t intend to write a blog about them whilst I was making them; I didn’t take photos of them in progress or note down any of the methods used/problems I had. So, I have been baking, I just can’t blog about it.

During winter, I don’t really do any fun cycling; It’s just commuting and that’s nothing fun to write about.

The band has been busy. The EP is recorded, mixed and mastered but we’re not ready to release it yet so, I can’t blog about that.

I’ve been enjoying my new flat a lot so I’ve not really been out and about and seen much to blog about.

I’ve just not had a blog friendly life for a while. I’ll try to do better.