Shiny London

It has been six months since I landed back in the UK and five months since I got a job and moved back to my favourite city in the world. That time seems to have vanished faster than loo roll in a house full of people with food poisoning. I’ve genuinely packed loads of stuff into life since I’ve been back.

I’ve hit a little bit of the culture vulture trail and been to the theatre a bit. I saw 1985 which was both powerful and entirely confusing. Jeeves and Wooster provided some genuinely funny comic relief. Warhorse was a struggle to stay awake through and I’m not sure if that was the colossal burrito I ate before hands fault or the fact that the plot is slower than trying to dry your washing on the line whilst it’s raining. I also saw Monthy Python Live at the O2 on their opening night which was as hilarious as I expected elderly gentlemen behaving badly to be (i.e. so bloody funny I almost soiled myself). I also attended the history of comic book exhibition at the British Library (they do do exhibitions, yes) which was thoroughly enlightening and nerdy.

Daisy and I were happily reunited for a couple of months before I fell down the stairs and broke my bum. That’s a real thing you know. You can break your bum and then be subjected to pain wherever you are. I honestly think it would hurt if you were in a zero gravity environment. Breaking my bum was more unpleasant than last year’s dengue fever episode. I’d rather have (non fatal) dengue fever again than have another broken butt. Treat your coccyx well people because if you don’t, it’s wrath is truly fearsome, painful and staged over an unreasonably long period of time. My bum is better now and just in time to have missed the six weeks of British Summer. Glorious timing.

I’ve ventured to Manchester and South London twice (firstly to watch Polo in Putney and secondly to eat all the food at the foodies festival in Battersea). I feel that’s by far my biggest achievement since returning to Blighty.

I have fallen in love with The Menzingers and their incredible album ‘On the Impossible Past’. I’m also pretty blooming keen on Jamie Lawson and his record ‘The Pull of the Moon’. I’m back singing with Gospel Essence at all kinds of things. Have a look at us singing at the London marathon for Shelter if you fancy it. I can’t tell you how it felt to see exhausted faces of runners morphing into a pain free smile for a couple of seconds as they ran past us singing. I struggled to hold it together singing our version of Heater Small’s ‘Proud’. It truly magical and reminded me exactly why I sing. We’ve sung on the radio (PhoenixFM) too.

I’m back singing with the band. We’ve gigged a fair bit, have merchandise for the first time ever, finished 1 new song and been pretty busy recording songs. We’ve been a band for six years now but never really got our act together to recorded properly. We now have professional recorded electric tracks on the way and our self bodged Kudien (Kitchen Studio) tracks on Soundcloud if you’re interested.

I’ve baked, been to the cinema, seen friends, made friends, worked, slept, cycled, drank, danced and just lived every single second since my return and plan to continue. I’ll try to be less shoddy at updating my blog (as my ramblings have to go somewhere).