There’s no place like home (actual verified fact).

The flight home could not go fast enough. I had to change in Abu Dhabi and once I got my bum on the seat of the final plane, I lost the ability to contain my excitement. I basically twitched for the entire flight. The time went FAR too slowly so when landing time finally rolled around, I was like a bouncy ball under the seat belt. As London scrolled by beneath me, I had no idea what to make of my feelings. I wanted to cry with relief, joy and sadness all at once. I was incredibly happy to be home but equally, sad to have ended an adventure and left Melbourne.

As I got off the plane into the freezing cold, it registered that I was finally home. I saw drizzle on the windows of the airport and heard that there was a tube strike on so getting to the East End of London was going to be a right royal pain int he arse. Definitely home. Overwhelmingly happy.