It’s that time of year, again?!

It is with utter indignation that I acknowledge the passing of another year.

When I look back at the last 12 months, I can genuinely say that I am staggered at what a single, and fairly insignificant human being, has done and seen. I’m about to list it all out in a chronological type post so you can see and be astounded along with me.

  • Rang in 2013 in Hong Kong
  • Welcomed the Year of the Snake in Taiwan
  • Did some serious sight seeing in Japan
  • Spent a surprise, and divine, 2 weeks in the UK
  • Experienced the madness of Bangkok in Thailand
  • Felt the sorrow and unwavering optimism of Cambodia
  • Was baffled by the anger:acceptance ratio in Vietnam
  • Relaxed properly between terrifying mountain road bus trips in Laos
  • Learned how to cook, SCUBA dive and feed elephants (not all at the same time) in Thailand
  • Toured the tea and food spots of Malaysia
  • Felt all shiny again in Singapore
  • Fell into lust with Australia
  • Found beauty, nerd fests and family in New Zealand
  • Moved to Melbourne
  • Missed THE wedding because of the strongest typhon ever recorded
  • Made amazing friends
  • Welcomed some of my mad family to Australia for the holiday of a lifetime
  • Said hello to 2014 from a different hemisphere

That list is absolutely redonkulous and it’s very heavily abridged.

I will leave 2013 behind me forever knowing that it is probably the most privileged and special year I will ever be lucky enough to live.