More time, please?

Where on earth is time going? Is it rocketing along for everyone else too or am I stuck in an accelerated time field or something? I honestly don’t know where the two months since landing back in Australia have gone!

I think I’ve done a fair bit of ‘life’ related activities but nothing really blog worthy. I baked.


I biked.


I bought from the British shop.


I’ve found job(s) and am working hard to replenish my dwindling funds. I’m getting to know house mates and work mates. I’m getting thinner. I’ve had my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted. I’ve had my hair cut. I’m getting lots of stuff done but it’s not interesting stuff.

The next interesting thing I do will happen in early November and I’ll definitely be reporting in after that. Until then, sorry about the radio silence but, I’m just being a bit dull.


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