More time, please?

Where on earth is time going? Is it rocketing along for everyone else too or am I stuck in an accelerated time field or something? I honestly don’t know where the two months since landing back in Australia have gone!

I think I’ve done a fair bit of ‘life’ related activities but nothing really blog worthy. I baked.


I biked.


I bought from the British shop.


I’ve found job(s) and am working hard to replenish my dwindling funds. I’m getting to know house mates and work mates. I’m getting thinner. I’ve had my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted. I’ve had my hair cut. I’m getting lots of stuff done but it’s not interesting stuff.

The next interesting thing I do will happen in early November and I’ll definitely be reporting in after that. Until then, sorry about the radio silence but, I’m just being a bit dull.


Melbourne Madness!

Before leaving Wellington I had booked myself into a hostel for 3 nights. To my delight, they offered a complimentary shuttle ride from the airport when you booked 3 nights or more with them. This meant that I had no worries about getting into Melbourne city, I just had to look for the correct shuttle bus. I found it and was transported directly to Home @ St Kilda.

Home is an ok hostel with decent facilities. They don’t provide any frills and charge you handsomely for any you might want. There’s no free Internet access at all but it’s not a bad walk to the library where there is free Internet. The dorms were a middling standard of clean. The shower screen was broken and the bunks squeaked hideously. There are no lockers in the rooms. The staff are very friendly. All in all, an acceptable stay but I wouldn’t go back. The hostel is in St Kilda but a 10 minute walk from anyaction.

I was insanely busy in my first few days in Melbourne so I didn’t get to explore St Kilda at all! Here’s what I did.

After checking into the hostel, I went to find a supermarket for some food. That mission was successful so I then got my mobile sorted. I still had my previous sim card but needed to add credit for an amazing deal from Amaysim. For $39.95 AUD a month you get a contract free package which gives you 4GB of mobile data, unlimited texts to Australian mobiles and unlimited calls to Australian land/mobile phones. It’s a fantastic deal. Once I’d got that done, I started looking for jobs.

My main job hunting resources were and I found seek to have a higher quality of job than Gumtree but, with careful filtering, there’s still a decent selection on Gumtree. I found this gem for a start.


I spent a good few hours applying for jobs before I had to attend my diet appointment.

Regular readers will know that I have been losing weight for the last 10 years or so but more dramatically in the past 3 or 4 years. I’ve used the Cambridge Weight Plan in the UK and Hong Kong. It has never failed me so I was delighted that it exists in Australia too.

I have a dear friend’s wedding approaching in November. It’s a beach wedding on Boracay, in the Philippines, and I want to be my thinnest ever for the event (and associated photos). Cue the trusty Cambridge Weight Plan.

It’s a meal replacement style diet managed by a consultant whom you see every week for your products and your weigh ins/measurements. You can’t buy the products anywhere other than a consultant and they’re all trained. It’s a really supportive system that works fabulously. I went to meet my consultant and pick up my products. My consultant is based in Brighton which you can find a couple of KM south of St. Kilda. She’s a lovely lady called Mandy Smith, a fellow Brit! Brilliant!

After that, I’d made an appointment to see a room in a house after seeing it advertised on in the Melbourne section. I didn’t want to stay in a hostel any longer than I had to. I trotted off from Brighton to Ormond. Ormond is a lovely suburb about 4km east of Brighton. I liked the room and the housemates, they liked me and offered me the room. Hoorah!

During all this being busy, I’d received an email inviting me to interview for a job the next day. I kid you not when I say I’m an efficient person when I need to be.

Went to the job interview (for door to door sales with The Smart Group) the next day and was offered the job. I started the job training the day after that.

Busy doesn’t really cover it does it?

The adventure continues next time.

Return to Oz (tralia)

I loved Melbourne and now I’m living and working here. My initial impression of Melbourne has only been reinforced and flourished into an extreme fondness during my 6 weeks or so here.

I work in a café making sandwiches with the most lovely bunch of people. I live in Ormond with amazing people. I’m incredibly happy.

My blog for the next few months will be about my adventures in Melbourne as I plan to be here a while. If you’re in Melbourne Central, pop into Klik for a coffee and say hello!