Chinese New Year in Hong Kong (Kung Hei Fat Choi).

Hong Kong was transformed for Chinese New year as, I expect, was most of China. Bringing in the year of the snake really is a massive deal. There are 3 public holidays and many, many events to attend. The main ones are the night parade, the new year markets and the fireworks display. I participated in two of them.

Firstly, I visited the New Year market in Victoria Park. It was, large, noisy, crowded and fun to walk around. Here’s a picture of the crowd at about 17:15 on a weekday i.e. not even busy.


A large section was for flowers associated with Chinese New Year. There were lots of blossom branch cuttings and mandarin plants.

blossom trees

mandarin trees

I was sorely tempted to buy some flowers but I am lacking in any green fingered skills and therefore would only be throwing away very dead plants in a few days time so I refrained from paying the inflated festive prices for anything.

The remainder of the market was selling mostly food and other traditional sweets/decorations for Chinese New Year. There were also completely random stalls held by local schools selling everything from cushions of popular internet memes to soft toys. The market really was big and I enjoyed my walk around but did not visit a second time as I really had no need to.

The second thing I made sure to partake in was the Chinese New Year fireworks display over Victoria harbour. We had learned our lesson from National Day and knew we had to get to the harbour front early and save a spot. The show was due to start at 20:00. We were in our spot at 18:00 with sandwiches and drinks ready to wait out the crowds. Wait, we did. Rewarded, we were. Our view was spectacular and, for the most part, unobstructed as we had unwittingly placed ourselves next to an emergency exit pathway so we only had a crowd to our right hand side. Our left hand side was completely empty. I have added a selection of my pictures below and also the video I made of the last 30 seconds or so of the show.

One word sums up the display: breathtaking.

NY fireworks HK 2013 1

NY fireworks HK 2013 2




NY fireworks HK 2013 6


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