Tis the month you can be legitimately jolly in, fa la la la la la la la la.

I started organising Christmas quite early this year due to my geographical displacement. I knew it would be a task to organise gifts from Hong Kong to England. As many of my friends, and previous employers will testify to, if there’s one thing I can do it’s organise. Organise anything, almost. I even enjoy it. So for me, this was a pretty basic task.

I went for a variety of methods in order to organise myself. Some gifts were purchased via the internet and delivered to the central shipping location (a.k.a. my Mum’s house). Others were bought in Hong Kong and delivered to the central shipping location, via the Philippines, by hand courier (an incredibly helpful best friend’s Mum). They were then dispatched to various local and national addresses by the location Manager (my Mum).

In order to fully address present protection issues (i.e. Mum can’t wrap her own present, that’s not right), I had to set up an auxiliary shipping location (a.k.a. my sister’s house). Gifts for my Mum & Dad were duly dispatched to the auxiliary location and will be successfully re-routed in plenty of time for Christmas day.

Organising Christmas from abroad has been fun but it is actually all done now. Therefore I have been looking for other way to get festive now December is here (hooray)!

I can officially, and unashamedly, begin to get over excited about Christmas. I have, so far, crammed in a lot of festive activities in just two days. This has left me practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the rest of December, Christmas and New Years. What have I done in 2 days? Well, I’ll tell you:

I have decorated the tree for the flat and I think it looks pretty snazzy to be honest. We found the tree when we moved in but we didn’t have decorations. No problem for Hong Kong. I simply took the lift down to the ground floor, walked 3 shops to my right and bought all the decorations and lights. I went for a blue and silver theme with coloured LED lights. The lights are very cool. There’s a magic button that you can press and make them do different things. They can flash, they can chase, they can feed in and out, basically, they’re very snazzy. Here’s a not very good picture of the tree all lit up.


Secondly, I went to the Christmas market at Hullett House. The main reason I went to this market today was to take advantage of a free festive nail art offer seen on http://www.sassyhongkong.com. The market itself was mainly food stalls (none of whose products I could actually sample) but there was a lovely vibe there. They had a section where local schools sung carols and performed dances. They had a Christmas tree and Hullett House is actually a very nice building. I believe it’s normally a hotel. Here’s a little picture of the market.
Christmas market

The few goods stalls there sold interesting stuff. There were your expected Christmas decorations, jewellery and less traditionally, flip flops and cacti. The decorations on offer covered a good range of traditional (think embroidered mini cushions saying ‘Seasons Greetings’) to the ultra modern (minimalistic metal Christmas trees). We had a jolly good poke around and I purchased some festive rings. I also cashed in my festive nail art offer and enjoyed free nail painting. I am very incredibly pleased with the results of my free session. Here’s a picture of the nails and the rings.
festive nails
As you can probably tell, I’m pretty blooming excited it’s almost Christmas, are you?


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