National Day in Hong Kong

National Day is held in order to celebrate China’s independence and becoming the People’s Republic of China. As Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, it is celebrated here too. There is a public holiday on the 1st October in order to celebrate. If the 1st October falls on a weekend, National day rolls over to the next available week day. This year, the public holiday for both Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day fell on the weekend, therefore, we got a Monday and Tuesday off. Marvellous!

The National Day celebration in Hong Kong consists of a fabulous fireworks show. The fireworks are set off from Victoria Harbour which is just down the road from our flat in Wan Chai. We walked over to the exhibition centre in Wan Chai to watch the show. All the roads were closed to vehicles which was useful as there were thousands and thousands of people showing up.

The fireworks were utterly stunning. The first few fireworks actually formed star shapes in order to symbolise the Chinese flag. This picture is blurry but I did manage to capture one of them.

The rest of the fireworks were incredibly impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It lasted 12 minutes and was utterly awe inspiring. Here are a few of my pictures.

The last 2 shots are the build up to the finale of the show which was so bright that my compact camera simply could not cope.

Finally, here are our smiling faces mid show. I can conclude that Hong Kong did National Day proud with the fireworks.


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