It makes perfect sense to me……..

I’ve been trying to blog for a few weeks now but haven’t been struck with a bolt of inspiration. This particular post has been stewing in my mind for a while. I reckon my thoughts finally form enough of a linear process to put down in words. What I want to write about is people. People and the basis of how you interact with them.

I’m sure plenty of people will argue with me but, the more I have thought about it, the more I agree with myself and my logic. It sounds like an odd concept but I spend an extortionate amount of time at war with myself. I know what’s good for me but, I talk myself out of doing it. It’s very self-destructive. I argue so beautifully with myself though. I can attribute it to my incredibly stubborn temperament. I don’t give in and my self-contained debates string on far longer than another human being could argue for without becoming totally exasperated. Anyway, I told you that so that you might understand why me agreeing with myself is quite something.

So, back to what I actually wanted to write about. People.

People are amazing. We are a staggeringly complex species in every sense. Think about the organisms we provide a home for and how, for the most part, we actually couldn’t live without them. People interact with many more entities than most are ever aware of.

The most obvious interactions we make are with other people. I mean, you don’t remember to thank the teeny tiny bacterium (lets call it Eric) for being the single organism keeping the balance of your intestines on the right side of food poisoning now do you? You probably would thank the Doctor who provides assurance that the slightly unsettled stomach will right itself in a few days though, yes? Even though the Doctor won’t do any of the hard work (no, that would be Eric), they’re still the one receiving the praise. I concluded that this is because people are, mostly, the only other things which most of us rank as being just as important as, or more important than, ourselves.

I really got thinking about this. I thought about people who consider themselves the most important. I thought about people who consider themselves least important. I thought about people who consider everyone equal. Finally, I thought about the idea that most people seem make a decision on importance and where to rank themselves on a case by case basis

There seem to be very few people who resolutely believe in a single rank for all in comparison to themselves. I believe people mostly sit on a constantly shifting scale which spans from us being the most important to us being the least important. From this, I also believe that the ‘rank’ we allocate a person is the single assessment which controls how we interact with them.

My reasoning dictates that the rank of some people can be influenced and pre-judged thanks to modern day society (think gossip pages, news reports etc etc). In most cases, I think the importance rank is allocated on a superficial level initially and then manipulated according to increasing knowledge about the subject under assessment.

Once I had bedded this down in my mind, I started thinking about people I know, where they are currently ranked and how they got there.

Some are there by default e.g. family are all automatically more important than me, no questions. As are people who I find inspiring or who have influenced me in what I deem as an important and positive regard.

Some have earned their rank e.g.  friends who have become more important than me over time.

Some have fallen from the graces of my importance equality and slipped into less important through bad behavior or some such twaddle.

Then there are the ones I tell myself are less important than me when, actually, they are irrationally placed very high in the more important section through no other reasoning than my own insanity (or so it seems).

I was relieved to find that the vast majority of people get ranked as equal on initial assessment. There are exceptions. I would find it very difficult to rank a criminal as my equal at first reaction unless some kind of injustice was prevalent.

Once the first pass is complete, ascension or decent through the ranks is then based upon my general feeling towards them and their interactions with others. Again, there are exceptions to this which are completely unreasonable and based on nothing more than my brain fancied making me feel that way.

I guess that’s one of the joyous things about being human though. You think you’ve just managed to work something into a logical order, then your brain goes and flips it all on its head. You never really know what you’re thinking.