A little bit sick inducing

I am a City dweller. I didn’t realise, before moving to the largest City in Britain, that I would be so perfectly suited to so many aspects of a metropolitan lifestyle.

I relish having a selection of world foods supermarkets located a short walk form my house. I thrive on knowing that there are examples of truly authentic worldwide cooking short bus or tube rides away. The idea that I can pop off to a selection of theatres whenever I choose simply dazzles me. I can choose between independent productions of small Art House style plays or I can go all out for a big budget theatre spectacular. It’s entirely possible to immerse yourself in museums, landmarks, places of historical significance and culture every minute of every day without seeing the same thing twice.

That is what I love about London. You never know what the City will throw at you next.

I miss London horribly whenever I leave. I am often so desperate to return that I find myself dreaming about what to do upon my return. This kind of attachment may seem odd to many people but, to me, it’s an incredibly special feeling. My relationship with London is complex mainly because London is a City and I am merely one of it’s many millions of inhabitants. There is nothing particularly that singles me out as a unique member of the ‘London Dwellers’ club. I am not an important or influential member of my community. I do not make a great deal of difference to many people’s lives. I have my circle of friends & acquaintances but that’s about all. I feel like London gives to me far more than could ever be repaid mainly because London is everything I want. There is solace and peace with tales and scenes of inspiration around every corner (and graffiti’d onto plenty of walls). So much beauty can be found in the City especially if you forget the conventional ideals of what beautiful should be. More History exists than I could ever conceive to absorb.

I sometimes wonder if my disinterest in finding or settling down with any ‘significant other’ stems from the feeling that the City is my partner, for the time being anyway. There are not enough hours in the day for me to see my friends and the City. Adding another distraction into the mix would mean something else has to give and, right now, that’s just not an option.

There must be more than just me who feels this way about a place on this Earth. I would be intrigued to hear about where and why.


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