I have the best friends

I am fortunate enough to have amazing friends living in amazing places. One of my friends is an expat in Dubai and lives in, what can only be described as a show apartment. It is the epitome of a metropolitan lifestyle. Sleek white surfaces, attractive art work but just enough gadgets, gizmos and personal touches to give away who lives there. It would be a shame to have such a great friend living in such a superb location and not visit them wouldn’t it? I thougth so too, so I went to visit him this year for my twenty somethingth Birthday.

Last time I was in Dubai was 2008 and the place has changed remarkably even since then. Living with the scale of change and development going on constantly must be mind boggling! I took this little skyline shot from somewhere on Jumeriah Beach

The first 2 days of my time away was actually not spent in Dubai but in Abu Dhabi at The Yas Hotel. Being on the Yas Island, Naturally we had to visit Ferarri World. I have to say, it is not worth the money you pay to get into unless you are a Ferarri nut but we still enjoyed ourselves. Here’s the grand entrance:

Ferarri World currently boasts the fastest roller coaster in the world. I suffered a case of the nerves whilst queuing but did go on it. I can assure you it was very quick. I have been on Rita Queen of Speed at Alton Towers and she is tame compared to this beasty! Here’s the signage for the roller coaster. I have to admit, it doesn’t really transmit the feeling that your skin is about to get a stretching…..

There is a good viewing platform/smokers area overlooking the roller coaster so after the ordeal, we went to see how bad it looked from the viewing platform. It looked as bad as it felt

We stayed at The Yas hotel for the evening and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the roof bar. It was a spectacular sight to behold. The roof is actually constructed of many individual panels all angled the same way. The panels are lit which gives a really decadent feeling to the whole place.

The Yas hotel is set right next to the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 race course and during dinner I spotted cyclists tearing around the course. This made me instantly jealous as I would have liked to join in. Apparently it’s a monthly thing when the F1 track is opened up to cyclists. I have resolved that cycling around the Abu Dhabi F1 course is one of the things I need to do before I die.

Whilst at The Yas, we stayed in a rather glorious suite with a bath big enough to swim in nearly! I took a video to document the epicness naturally. The bed size is not really conveyed well on the video but there were 3 pillows in a row across the mattress, that’s one enormous bed!

All in all, the Yas hotel is very lovely but there’s not really a whole lot of anything else going on within a reasonable distance. Unless it’s F1 weekend and some big name bands are playing or you’re there to not leave the hotel, a short stay will suffice in order to relax a little and see the limited sights.

On leaving Yas island, we decamped back to the marina side apartment in Dubai. The rest of my visit was spent eating far too much, working out in the gym because I ate far too much and generally just hanging out with my friends. There were a couple of expeditions out of Dubai in order to purchase some rather fantastic comic statuettes. In total, 6 were purchased although I only have pictures of the first 4. Here we have The Punisher, Spiderman (my personal favourite), Carnage (VERY scary) and Venom (VERY creepy).

I feel the need to show you close ups of Venom and Carnage as they are simply terrifying. It gave me the willies knowing they were in the same apartment as me! The only saving grace was that I know Spidey, Punisher, Iron Man and Hulk were ll in the next room ready to kick their behinds.

I really did enjoy my first ‘Premier Screen’ experience at Dubai Mall. I knew you got luxury but I wasn’t expecting an electric reclining lazy boy leather chair levels of luxury. I can hand on heart say that watching a film in the ‘Premier Screen’ is completely worth the money at least once.

Also, I discovered frozen yogurt. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again.


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