Sand sofas and Bender? Sorry, I don’t understand…….

The Southbank can get pretty cold in the winter months. There’s some fairly biting winds that blow off the river but it’s still a gorgeous place to take a walk along. There’s always plenty to look at and listen to. It’s not technically allowed but you get buskers and street performers along The Southbank all year round. Needless to say I was expecting to see some cool stuff as I sauntered along it a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t expect to see something as cool as this though:

What these guys had done is craft a sofa and put most of the cast from Futurama onto it. You can see Fry relaxing with his head on a pillow, Zoidberg is buried to his neck, Leela is at the very far right of the picture getting a tan and finally The Professor is still under construction.  Bender looks like he’s passed out at the bottom. I especially liked the authentic beer can in one of Bender’s hands and a cigar in the other.

You may also have spotted the dude with a guitar, amp and microphone. You’d be correct if you guessed he was serenading all the watchers as his mates got busy with the sand art. I’d never seen anything like this on the Southbank before but the team who does the crafting ( have a full photographic collection of all the pieces they created in London on February 12th.

According to their site, the guys (and gals) travel around to beaches, clear the litter up and then make some pretty amazing stuff! Brilliant idea no? They also claim to cater for parties and the like so maybe, if you have a beach and want to party on it, you should give them a call?


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