Feeling sleepy anyone?

As the English Winter progresses along, the days get shorter and shorter. This results in waking up before sunrise and leaving work after sunset. I think the entire population (well the ones who aren’t vampires) find this a rather unpleasant experience on a daily basis. I am no exception. It was getting to the stage where being late for work because I couldn’t drag myself out of bed  became a daily occurrence. That is not a good situation to be in. Normally I am early to work. I am a Lark by nature so an inability to get up in the morning is utterly out of character for me. Naturally, I turned to my Mother and the Internet for a solution.

The prevalent result of my research was Seasonal Affective Disorder. Now, I don’t think I necessarily have S.A.D. ,as my Mother so keenly insists, but, I decided that many of the solutions suggested for S.A.D. sufferers wouldn’t have any negative impact on me. After nominal amounts of  ‘Googling’, I thought the first item on the ‘get me out of bed in the morning’ list would be a sunrise alarm clock. These clever gadgets not only have traditional alarm sounds but they also simulate dawn. Slowly but surely, for approximately 20 minutes before the actual alarm time, the internal lamp starts off dim and eventually climaxes in all 100 watts of glory and a generic ‘beep beep beep’.

The prices of the alarm clocks aren’t cheap so naturally, you go second hand and give eBay a good going over. I secured a second hand beauty for £19 rather than the RRP of £55. Bargain. It arrived very quickly and I was dead excited. Couldn’t work out how to set the time or the alarm to start off with but eventually, got it all set up as I fancied. I almost couldn’t wait for the next morning to see if it worked.

I’m not saying there wasn’t a little ‘placebo’ effect but it was nothing short of staggering. I’m now a week and a bit into my sunrise alarm clock, and I would fully suggest a similar contraption to anyone having similar issues waking up on the dark mornings that Winter brings.


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