Another cycling one

So, Those of you who read avidly will know I cleaned my bicycle and then it got all messed up again in 10 days from my post here. Well, It’s been a tough old winter so far for us cycling types. I found myself with more punctures in 6 weeks then I’ve had in 2 years (mostly thanks to the deteriorating state of road repair), brake pads that seem to be made of paper and drivers who don’t understand how to use their wing mirrors. Well bad drivers aren’t specific to Winter but they do seem even more awful then normal when it’s cold and rainy/snowy outside.

Anyhoo, to get to the point, I saw via the ever informative London Cyclist blog/twitter feed that Evans Cycles had a stonking deal on Specialized inner tubes. Half price!!! Specialized are my tubes of choice because they’re just the most reliable I’ve used. I’ve never had quality issues and when repairing my punctures, I have seen just how many scrapes they have on them that resisted the temptation to become holes. As I was ordering the tubes, I thought, “Sod it, I’m bloody well buying a puncture proof tyre for my back wheel”. I settled on the Schwalbe Marathon Plus as it seemed to have the better reviews from customers. No one had a bad thing to say about it apart from the fact it can be hard to fit. One comment even helpfully informed me that another internet shop does the tyre cheaper but that Evans Cycles has a price match guarantee service. Lovely!!!!! Instead of Evans’ list price of £27.99, I paid £19.99. Couple this with 4 inner tubes, all half price, and I got my little lot for just under £30. Stunning! Here’s my haul.

All the items arrived this morning. Now looking at the filth on my bicycle I decided I could not fit this amazing new tyre on such a sorry excuse for a frame. I cleaned my bicycle again. This time, I took pictures. Efforts were made to try and match the photo positions to the ones taken when the bike was filthy. Here we go with the (hopefully) direct ‘before and after’ type photos.

Looking good you say? Why yes, yes it does. Lets continue!

So you can see, I didn’t quite get the toothbrush onto the matter but still, much improvement!!! Last ones….

It was a very busy one this morning. Muck cleaned off and tyre fitted with, really, no problems at all. There were a few moments when curses escaped my lips because inserting the last bit of tyre into the rim made another bit pop out but, all in all, a painless experience. I’ll report in once it’s had a decent test. I still need to replace my break pads tomorrow. A cyclists maintenance is never done.


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