Christmas is over, roll on the new year!

My Christmas was excellent. I ate too much, saw most of my family, received awesome gifts and completed all daugtherly/sisterly duties with top marks. I do miss my family when I am away but, mostly, I was gagging to get back to London. I’ve been here two years now and it really does feel like home. It’s expensive, dirty, crowded, most of the people are rude but I adore it. I wouldn’t change it for anywhere else. Anyway, what did I do at Christmas? Well I’ll tell you.

I shopped for some very expensive chairs for my Mum. I must have sat in, reclined, read about, researched, prodded, stroked and measured more chairs in 2 days than I have done in all my life. Some were more expensive than others and, naturally, my Mum liked the most expensive of all. No purchases were made but many seeds were sown. Hopefully, there will be a nice new chair in the living room next time I visit because you won’t get me back in a furniture shop for a good while.

I also performed IT Support duties. I reformatted, defragmented, check disked, CCleanered, Anti-spywared and Anti-malwared my way through three PC’s. I successfully restored files to the reformatted PC and only had to provide nominal support when my sister was being a little dippy. I will forgive her though as her Wii provided much entertainment on Boxing Day.

Now the Wii has been a revolution. Anyone who owns one knows just how silly people look when they play it. The amazing thing is that no one seems to care. It’s completely acceptable to get yourself into some really rather unsavoury positions in front of relatives you see once a year and in-laws you’re supposed to be charming. The oddest thing of all is that, when you get them going, the adults enjoy the Wii far more than the kids. Of the nine people at my sister’s house on Boxing Day, it was the over 25’s who had the most fun on the Wii. The under 25’s were much more interested in photographing and videoing the ridiculousness that was going on infront of the TV screen. I think this video will testify to that.

That was my Sister spliced in with my Brother in Law. I can’t embarrass them exclusively so I’ll crack on with embarrassing myself and other family members. This first picture is proof that we didn’t steal the Wii off the children for the day. They were welcome to play too, we just happened to play more than them. This is me and my youngest niece having a go at Wii dance (which is pretty difficult if I am honest). The song was Katy Perry – ‘Hot ‘n’ Cold’.

Next I’ll aim sights at the brother in law not featured in my charming video. I believe he was trying to fly around dressed as a bee using Wii Fit Plus here. If I remember correctly, he won.

Lets go back to a more obvious action shot. This is my eldest sister and I dancing to Kylie Minogue – ”Can’t get you out of my head’ via the magic of Wii Dance. I have no idea how the Wii works out who danced the best, and therefore wins, but I can assure you of this, I am a sore loser. The sorest kind of loser. My attitude to losing reminds me of a friend who insist the only reason I wipe the floor at SingStar is because the game favours a female voice. Not because I am singing in the right pitch or anything, no, it just likes my voice better. By the same token, the Wii likes the way my sister throws shapes better than the way I do. It doesn’t mean she is the better dancer, it just means the Wii is biased. Anyway, here’s the snap

Finally I will just skip back to my other sister because this picture is priceless.

So, many games were played over Christmas. The innocent, just good fun kinds of games that are lost for the rest of the year.  I am resolved to host a board game night at some point to try and recapture some of the Christmas merriment in a non festive setting. I’ll report on how badly it falls on it’s face.


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