So there is a downside! To the snow that is….

The snow has made an awful lot of people’s travel plans pretty jolly miserable over the last week or so. I will admit to simply enjoying the fun or it all and generally throwing disapproving glances at the grumblers. I did have maximum sympathy for those caught in airports. I had to spend a rather uncomfortable night in Frankfurt airport recently when a trip to Prague was foiled by snow. It gets cold, uncomfortable and you lose your sense of humour about 18 hours into your stay. I expect it’s not as hideous if you are waiting to leave but if you are stuck in transit between connections or diverted, I think I would cry. It’s one of the least fun things I have ever done and I’ve done some pretty un-fun things!

So anyway, I wasn’t getting too worried about my journey home to Lincolnshire for Christmas as it’s only 150 miles or so up the road which leaves me with plentiful choices for deserting shiny London for a brief escape to the Countryside. I booked my train tickets home way back in October so I knew I had a seat and all the rest of that malarkey you worry about when using public transport in peak season. This was all fine until overhead lines came down across the main east train line. It halted all trains from London Kings Cross to Peterborough on Monday, today (Tuesday) and looks like it will halt them tomorrow and Thursday too. The reason? The snow is preventing the teams needed to fix the lines getting to them. I am also presuming that once it is fixed they’ll need to clear snow off the tracks to enable the trains to run. I think it’ll be a lengthy process and some very nice overtime packets for the guys and gals involved in getting it sorted.

This situation sort of left me a bit buggered for getting back to Lincolnshire. I tried to book a coach with no success, I also called local car hire companies with very limited success (the best they could manage was a £198 per day family saloon turbo diesel thingy). I forgot that the rest of the City who might have planned to travel to anywhere north easterly is going to have the same issue as me. I was getting into a little bit of a pickle, especially with more heavy snow forecast. Luckily for me, I have a sister who loves me enough to drive a round trip from Lincs to London (see what I did there?) on her day off and a Mother who loves me enough to pay for said sisters petrol as neither of us can afford this extravagance. I believe my payment for this will consist of sorting out software conflicts on various family members computers, a fair amount of washing up and many hours of distracting the children whilst NOT getting glitter glue in their hair.

I shall be evacuated from my beloved London tomorrow. I’ll be pleased to go, but not very pleased if I can’t get back on the 28th.

Family, I wouldn’t change any of them for anyone else in the world ever (I think my sister would probably trade me in for Robbie Williams).


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