Obligatory Festive Post

For those of you who missed it, it’s been snowing. London saw about 3 inches of snow in as many hours. It settled beautifully so, naturally, we had to go and play in it. We started with a walk to fetch supplies for our impending ‘Christmas at 109’ roast extravaganza. We threw multiple snowballs at each other on the walk. I took a snap of my friends using my HTC Hero. It does take a nice picture but only if you stand still like a snowman.

As we walked, the snow crunched underfoot. It really is the most satisfying sound to walk on fresh snow. We skipped, bunny hopped and generally frolicked through the streets of East London. We saw quite a lot of people milling about in much the same fashion as ourselves so didn’t feel too self-concious with regard to our child like excitement.

Once we had successfully prepared ourselves for the roast, we headed home to build a snowman. We toiled for about 40 minutes before we were satisfied the proportions of head to body were acceptable. Decorations were added (brussell sprouts for eyes, carrot for nose, velvet queueing rope for scarf and a selection of twigs for arms and smile) and a rather juvenile photo taken to commemorate an attractive creation.

As the sun set, I recalled a house close by that had over the top and Blackpool esq decorations so decided to capture them in all their glory. I waited until it was good and dark before heading out. At this point I would like to tell all the home owners who pour water on snow to clear paths that all the water does is freeze to ice. This makes people (mainly me) fall over on it. These people (mainly me) do not enjoy your attempts to clear snow from paths. Please use salt or grit in future, thanks. Anyway, back to the house! You can’t see on the picture very well but they have a ‘Days Till Christmas’ counter on their door beneath the wreath. This house is truly a sight for sore eyes. I dread to think what the electricity bill will come in at.

As I only saw the snow in East London, I have stolen an old school friends picture of the scene just off Picadilly Circus. Many thanks to Cat Burton for the picture. She has a pretty good stock of brilliant photo’s on her Flickr site. Take a look here if you get the chance.

Finally, I will share with you a snap of an ale. Now I don’t drink ale, but the name of this was almost enough to make me buy one.

My day today really has got me into the festive spirit. I am quite excited about cooking a roast of epic proportions for friends tomorrow, but this is mainly because I know I won’t be washing up afterwards!


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