The Frayed Laces

So, next, my band.

I had for a while been in touch with a drummer who was keen to set up a band as soon as he got out of the Army. Finally the day of reckoning came and I met the drummer, the bassist and the guitarist. We all got on famously. It has been getting better and better since then. The guitarist, Joe, and I really have a writing affinity and in one week, we had finished two songs and roughly recorded them. Here’s they are. Human Void and The Only Disease I Ever Want. The first efforts from ‘The Frayed Laces’.

Human Void

The Only Disease I Ever Want

After these efforts, we thought the sound needed more depth so we decided to get a second guitarist on board with us. Morgan was our successful audition and he joined the band. It only took us a week to really gel together before, ben, Morgan, Joe and I had written another cracking tune called ‘Standing Still’. My kind friend made a video of this track for us to share with you. Please feel free to turn down when Ben gets too excited with his cymbals.

The same friend that made the video also took some rather wonderful photographs for us so here they are.

The Frayed Laces










So, That’s us. The Frayed Laces. May we become megastars and forever rule the waves.


2 thoughts on “The Frayed Laces

  1. Mike says:

    oh dear, i stumbled across this blog and thought it was an interesting read, until i saw them pictures, what an ugly and untalented band!
    The world is full of silly children that believe they can play their instruments well…but the sad sad story is that they think they can play well because that is what they want to believe.
    Your band is terrible and the quality of both songs and talent (or lack of it) is embarassing to us English folk.

    Lets see how long this pipe dream lasts eh.
    I thought this was an interesting read until then, by the way, are you all men?

    • imkah says:

      Well Mike,

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion and the right to have it heard which is why I approved this comment. The band, and the music we produce, is fun for me. Regardless of anyone elses opinion, we get together and have a great time. Some people, fish, others read and some people also post scathing and insulting things on other peoples blogs in order to fill their days and validate their life. My chosen hobby and passion is music. I don’t care who thinks we are good, bad, ugly, gorgeous or otherwise. We don’t do it to please anyone else except for ourselves. Also, I thought the part about me being called ‘Emma’ gave away that we’re not all men. It’s a female name so I feel your last question was rather redundant.

      So goodbye Mike, if you do visit my blog again before hell freezes over, just don’t click anything about The Frayed Laces.

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