After my own heart

I have to share this.

Long has a pet peeve of mine been people who squeeze toothpaste from the middle of the tube. Now, I found a toothpaste that agrees with me. Squeeze it from the end people!!!


BBQ Extreme Meat Style

Last weekend was the BBQ to end all BBQ’s. It has been planned for some time now. Rosé champagne, pear cider and exotic meats had been ordered. The patio had been swept, the table varnished and the BBQ extracted from the garage. All systems were go! Even the sun put on his hat and joined us.

Here’s a snap of some meat ready to be cooked. I think these are Bison burgers, Impala sausages and Kudu sausages. The whole spread of meats was Bison, Wildebeest, Impala, Ostrich, Crocodile, Kangaroo, Venison and Wild Boar. Marvellous.

Obviously as the BBQ was at the chief procrastinators house, the ignition switch for the very smart burners hadn’t been fixed so I decided to document the lengths of ‘bodge jobbing’ the host would go to in order to fire up the BBQ.

Yes, that is a pair of kitchen scissors being used to make the contact between the ignition switches. Shame on you Mr. Procrastination!!!!

Anyway the evening rolled on quite successfully and a good time was had by all. I like this snap as it encapsulates the evening really rather well. I shall look forward to the next one.

I’ll be driving in my car…………….no, van.

The student paramedic saga continued once again but this time, I needed to pass my C1 category driving test. This particular category allows me to drive a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes and is a requirement for the London Ambulance Service.

I duly booked myself in for a six day course with a driving school in Wembly. That meant that I got to learn the craft of van driving next to this spectacle.

My six day course culminated in a test which i am pleased to report I passed with seven minors and a telling off about lane usage. So now I just have to wait on the medical and driving assessment from the ambulance service then all systems should be go on September 28th!

Download Day 3

On the third day of download my true love brought to me……………………………three great bands! It was basically retro day on the main stage of Download and I couldn’t wait.

I didn’t really want to see anyone other than the headliners on the main stage so I spent almost the entire day looking around all the weird and wonderful shops inside the arena. My favorite one was a shop selling boots. By boots, I mean metal and leather encrusted stilts. They were just stunning. They also sold high heeled girly shoes also with the metal and leather. It was all very crazy but I enjoyed it immensely. I headed back to the main stage for ZZtop.

There are three words to describe ZZTop. Ancient but AWESOME. Just plain old school rocking out! They had the most wonderful synchronised guitar swaying I have ever witnessed. They really had the crowd’s attention foe every second they were onstage. Brilliant performers. All those years  pay off. They’re just plain cool dudes.

Whitesnake were all the best bits of glam rock but in 2009. Loved it! I didn’t know a single song but I didn’t need to. The sheer overwhelming fabulousness of the singer was enough for me. Long hair, big sleeves. It was all good.

Lastly it was Def Leppard. I stayed for about 5 songs but was really flagging. The toll of sleeping in a tent and eating fast food all week had really knocked me for six so I headed back to the tent early.

We got an early night overall as the coach booked to take us back to London left at nine in the morning the next day. And that meant we had to be up early to pack the tent and tramp to the coach park. Conveniently it rained that night and packing the tent in the wet whilst avoiding piles of vomit is not the best thing to be doing. Also, other campers had run a mock during the night and stolen my Bee! You remember the bee i told you about right? Well luckily a quick sweep by the boyfriend located the bee in a bush so I cleaned him and brought him home too. I was very very pleased to be on the coach and winging it home.

There ends the Download adventure. It was good but I won’t be doing it again.

Oops, I did it again

I promised to finish the Download festival update and then i got very busy and didn’t. I actually have an awful lot to update so I shall finish Download and then continue with the other jolities.

Day 2, Download Festival, Donnington park 2009.

Today was the day I had come to the festival for really. I had heard of the bands playing on the second stage so I picked a nice spot and settled down to sleep through the bands I didn’t want to see. This was the sky above the second stage. It was truly glorious and I am pleased to share it with you.

I slept fairly successfully under the gorgeous sun until about One o’clock when ‘In Case of Fire’ arrived on the stage. This is a band I really did enjoy. Very powerful performance as far as the music went but stage presence was somewhat lacking. I did eventually get bored with watching them so laid back and simply listened instead. It was the more enjoyable of the two options.

Fightstar followed. I was always dubious about this band because the one with the bleached blond hair (Formerly of Busted) heads up the band. Busted made terrible music and I was very worried this would repeat itself but with more guitars and louder drums. I was mistaken. Fightstar are actually very engaging with some immensely catchy tunes. I also began to appreciate how soul destroying being in Busted must have been for the blond haired boy and what a crappy decision it would have been to decided to ditch his two friends in order to follow his dream. Hats off to you Mr hair bleaching man.

Static-X were possibly the loudest band at Download according to my boyfriend, but I snoozed through them. Sorry!

The Answer provided me with very 80’s glam rock throwback enjoyment before You Me at Six came on. I was really looking forward to this particular band but again, I was disappointed by one of the three headline acts but just for the second stage this time. The music was fine, the performance and crowd engagement was awful. I would rather have listed to them on my MP3 player than see them live again. Maybe they were having an ‘off’ day, I don’t know but I shan’t be rushing to see them again.

Chris Cornell was effectively the ‘warm up’ act for the headliner. Most people know him from Soundgarden and Audioslave but he is apparently having a crack at the solo thing. He basically sang well, his band were very good but he drew a lot on his soundgarden/audioslave portfolio. He didn’t perform his James Bond theme song though which disappointed me as I really like that one. Anyway, here’s a snap of the band and stage.

But what we had really all been waiting for was The Prodigy. They were a little late coming onto the stage so the crowd amused itself with a ‘bottle fight’. I caught some of it on camera so I thought I would share.

Once they did arrive on the stage, the crowd exploded and you could almost feel the energy oozing from the stage into the crowd. They were truly electric. Here’s some snaps.

There are simply no words to describe how mind blowing amazing The Prodigy were. They had a perfect blend of old and new material. They performed beautifully and one of the singers is completely fearless. he launched himself into the crowd on several occasions and had a fleet of worried looking security guards charging after him. I also videoed a little of there set and you can have a look at that below if you want to.

And so ended day 2. We tramped back to the tent and went to sleep wondering what tomorrow would bring.