Lapse in Everything

It has been some time since I blogged anything. The reason for that is mainly the sheer volume of things that have been happening to me recently.

The first big thing to happen was that I went for my student paramedic interview. I was successful which is brilliant. Finding out you’re successful brings into play another set of things you need to get done. In my case, it is acquiring the C1 category on my driving license. I set the ball rolling on this the same day I got my acceptance letter and duly ordered the book/DVD I needed for the theory tests. I also managed to find a driving school that will teach me all I need to know about how not to crash in a lorry. I also realised that, upon my starting ‘Paramedic School’, I wouldn’t be able to take a break or holiday for the first 6 months of training. I haven’t had a holiday since May last year so I figured, I better take it while I can. The ‘while I can’ time bracket seemed to be now or never so I packed myself off for 2 weeks back home to my Mother.

My intentions of 2 weeks back home were to generally relax and sort a few bits and bobs out. On the Tuesday of arrival, my main objective was to fetch and repair the bicycle sister number 1 had said I could borrow whilst in town. I did that and found it only needed a new break cable so that was put down as a job for the next day. It rained the next day so I decided an indoor activity could be sorting and clearing out some of the stuff I had stored in Mothers spare room.  I realised quite quickly that I had an enormous amount of stuff and decided a car boot sale would be the best way to shift it all. I also figured that if you’re going to do a car boot sale, you may as well do it properly so over the rest of the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I ventured into uncharted areas of the loft and garage in an effort to round up everything I wanted to sell. What a success it was! I found stuff I thought I would never see again. I was most pleased though to discover my flute safe and sounding beautiful.

The flute went onto the pile of things to come back to London with me. The pile of things to car boot was considerably (read four times) larger than the London pile. I only have a small car so I roped my sisters in to lend assistance with their much larger vehicles. Thanks you two!!! There were mishaps along the way. My eldest sister managed to either break or dislocate her little toe. We really aren’t sure which happened. All we know is that it looked like this. Ouch

It was a fairly interesting situation as children needed to be looked after while we car booted on the Saturday morning so a ‘sleep over’ plan was hatched upon. The night before the car boot, everyone would sleep at Mothers so as not to disturb respective husbands/children with the 5am start. So, in a two bed roomed bungalow, we had Mother, me, sister number 1, sister number 2, niece number 1 and niece number 2 all sleeping peacefully on the Friday night.

To the car boot we took one packed BMW Estate (of sister number 2’s junk) and one packed VW Golf (of my junk). By 6:10am Saturday morning, we were gaily setting everything up and beginning to sell. This is the amount of space all our stuff covered. We occupied the stretch from the front of the silver golf, to the rear of the green beemer and all the space in between.

It was very warm as the sun blazed down on us but all the buyers seemed in very good spirits. As a result, I managed to sell so much stuff that only four boxes and £140 returned home with me. Sister number 2 also did well. All in all, a veritable success story. I did pick up a rather awful case of sunburn though. I felt horribly ill on the Sunday, despite going though half a 500ml tub of aqueous cream and about 7 litres of water, so it was spent wallowing in bed.

Monday brought news of my provisional driving license arriving back in London. I heaved a sigh of relief at this because I was horribly worried they would refuse the license on the grounds of pretty terrible uncorrected eyesight. But they didn’t so hooray! I immediately set about trying to book myself the theory and hazard perception tests. I began by looking in London only to find that none of the test centres could fit me in before 17th June. How frustrating. So I took a punt and had a look in the Lincolnshire area. It came up trumps. There was a spot at the Grantham test centre for both theory and hazard perception on the Friday of that week! Bloody brilliant! I asked the London party to please special delivery my driving license to me and went ahead and booked myself in for both tests on Friday 5th. Then started the revising. Oh lord the revising. You would think there is only 1 way to ask you about how much extra space you need to stop in wet conditions wouldn’t you? Well apparently there are 9 different ways you can ask the same question. It was terribly monotonous and tedious but I knuckled down to the 480 page revision book and DVD for 3 days. It paid off because I scored 100% on the theory test and 76% on the hazard perception, both passing marks. So now all I have to do is book my practical course and we are all systems go! I can see the finish line and it has a green uniform on it.

Also, in between all of these other things I was doing in Boston, I managed to sort Mum out with the various jobs I swear she saves exclusively for me e.g. new keyboard and mouse shopping/setting up, new lamp shopping/setting up, general moving/sorting. I also got the car MoT’d and serviced, dismantled and stored my bed from the spare room, ordered Mum’s new sofa bed for her, went to the Zhu Guang buffet in torrential rain, got the bicycle cable fixed and attached all my panniers and other general cycling paraphernalia to it securely, saw my Father, Step Mother and grandmother, find the most bargain priced HDMI cables I have ever come across (£2.99 in Home Bargains), purchased all the dried food 2 people could possibly consume at a music festival and finally remembered to take pictures for my blog! All in all, i think for 2 weeks that’s a pretty mammoth effort of getting things done and sorted. I am now OFFICIALLY, after  years, moved away from home as there is nothing significant left inside my Mothers place that belongs to me. Huzzah!!!

Lastly, I wish to tell you about one of the Best things about going home to Boston. It’s quite unexpected, and it’s ice cream. There’s a family run ice creamery in Boston called Skinners, and they produce 1 flavour ice cream and they do it to perfection. All they make is vanilla ice cream but it is the single most beautiful sight in the world for a Boston native. Here is a picture of Mother modelling our cones

This ice cream does not come out of a machine to make it look swirly and yummy. no no, they spin it onto the cone with a wooden spoon. It is the epitome of simplicity and it Tastes SO good! I have always been surprised that the pubs and restaurants have never coupled up with skinners ice cream for their desserts as it would be a winner for both of them. Skinners gets extra ice cream and Bostonians wouldn’t have to half fill their freezers with Skinners for the winter when they’re not open. they can just go out to whatever pub/Restaurant has skinners on the menu as a dessert and enjoy. I can’t think of a better enterprise for the winter months really. I’d go and buy it form a pub for sure.

I think that’s enough for this entry but I do have more to write about that I will update over the next couple of days!

Happy living!!!


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