Catching up with the technology

Up until now, mine and his technology has been mostly inherited second or third hand. This is purely due to financial constraints. I however got very sick of our third hand TV in the front room because the speakers were going. One moment it was loud as hell, then you couldn’t hear a thing. Occasionally the speakers also sounded like they were breaking wind. Not good for trying to enjoy anything on television. The DVD player in the front room was also on the blink. It was very temperamental about what it would and wouldn’t play. If it did play, it often skipped back to the start of the film midway through. The most annoying thing it ever did was in the last 5 minutes of ‘The Departed’. You were just about to see the whole plot round up and it started the film again. I was ready to throw things. So I did. I threw out the old TV and DVD player.

We finally invested in a HD TV and a HDMI capable DVD player. here’s a snap of the TV which isn’t very good because I still haven’t got the knack of my beautiful new camera yet.

It’s an LG 32″ LH2000 and it is Beautiful. It was also a bargain from good old Argos. 9 months interest free to pay it off the store card. We could not be more pleased with our investment. All I can say to those of you umming and ahhing about going HD/HDMI/Blu Ray, whatever, if you enjoy movies or TV, you NEED to upgrade to a HD TV. The difference in quality is simply staggering.

A word of caution though – it may result in your other half finally buying the xBox 360 he’s wanted for ages but never bought because now it’ll look “Awesome” on your new TV.


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