Pimp My Weekend

I do love bank holiday weekends. They always seem to involve more good times than other weekends. This bank holiday weekend appears to be no exception thus far.

A friend who lives and works in Dubai was over in the UK so I trotted on over to catch up with him. We nearly always do this via the medium of having a natter whilst indulging in some retail therapy. We again opted for Kingston as it is such a beautiful place and the shopping there is very good. It was an absolutely glorious day. The sun did us proud and never stopped shining. Our very first stop was the Bentall’s Departement store to gaze longing at this.

That is a Krispy Kreme Donut glazing machine. It looked so tasty! We bought a donut each but the man at the counter had obviously been amused by us taking photo’s of and videoing his glazing machine so he gave us two complimentary donuts! Bless his cottons. Anyone who has ever eaten Krispy Kreme donuts though will know that one is quite enough for a sugar overload so we took one of the free donuts home as a gift for our host with the hot tub in his garden.

The main shopping objectives were attained (which was basically face cream for me but unfortunately not the right sort of luggage for the expat) and the browsing began. We went in every technology shop there was under the premise that my expat companion required a new compact camera. We saw the rather lovely Sony Cyber-Shot W210 in the Sony Centre which we were rather fond of in green. I also saw this which made me laugh.

That is what it looks like. It’s a cassette Walkman! I thought these had been relegated to eBay only but no no, Sony still makes them new! I can’t think they sell much volume but I sure had a little chuckle to myself at the utter outdated newness of it.

Anyway, once we had seen the Cyber-Shot W210 we hunted around for a better price. We found it £10 cheaper at John Lewis but they only had it in the silver so it was back off to the Sony Centre to request a price match and more discount for it being a display model. Well we got the price match and a half price discount on a memory card so all in all, a good bargain I thought. Once outside the shop, I was presented with the bag and told’ Happy Birthday’. I had been fooled! Hoodwinked! Deceived! But oh what a lovely fib. My expat friend and the friend with the hot tub in his back garden had clubbed together for it. Long have I complained that my camera (which used to be a four year old basic point and press) was huge, ate batteries, took a bad photo and was not any good for blogging. I used my phone for blog pictures my old camera was so utterly useless. Both my friends read my blog so have to suffer the poor picture quality and enough was enough! How incredibly pleased I am to have such wonderful, thoughtful and every so slightly devious friends! Needless to say I cried a little and then we went for lunch by the river. It was here that I powered up the new toy and took some shots from where we were sitting. So, I present to you, the first of many good quality pictures that will no doubt be gracing my blog from now on!

We were literally sat beside the river at the Ha Ha Bar and Grill where the service was to the table so we didn’t have to leave the sunshine even for drinks! Bloody marvellous!!


2 thoughts on “Pimp My Weekend

  1. imkah says:

    Next time I am in the vicinity of Krispy Kreme Donuts I will try to get a warm one. Thanks for the tip!

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