Fun in the sun, well for some of us

I have recently been dipping my toes into more of the London life and thought that last weekend would be a good time to attend a big event. I missed the Camden Crawl so we went along to the London marathon.

There was a small cheering team from my workplace who went along under the invitation of a charity called Mind. We were provided with T-shirts and ‘bang sticks’. The bang sticks were a curious contraption that when hit together, in a similar fashion to a clap, produced a sound that I can only liken to a steel drum. So, we were armed to make a lot of noise for the runners. We took up a cheering spot at the 18.5 mile marker near Canary Wharf at about 11:00 after the elite women and wheelchairs racers had just gone past. Mind had some pretty fast people running on their behalf as we spotted our first one at about 11:50 and duly cheered our heads off. The runners definitely seemed to appreciate the boost. The following photographs really capture the moment when the runners saw/ heard the cheers and realised it was for them. All credit for photography goes to the lovely folk at Mad Images who supplied me with this little selection.

I think you’ll agree that all the folk above are doing exceptionally well after already running eighteen and a half miles. We did break out a megaphone after a while to create even more noise and support for any and all runners who looked like they needed a boost. I think the most impressive costumes to go past were the rhino’s. They were running for, logically enough, Save the Rhino but for being in a big suit, those runners were still pretty blooming speedy!

I really enjoyed the marathon. It was a very inspirational way to spend the day. We saw the odd celeb run past but they’re the ones who can afford personal trainers and such like things to help them along the way. I applaud the average Joe who does it for the love of something be that a family member, a charity or just as a personal achievement. My hat goes off to all of you for having the strength and commitment to get through it.

I hope our cheering did the trick for you guys and I’ll see you next year!


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