Happy Birthday to Me!

Today it is my birthday. As a Monday is not generally the best day for a celebration, my other half treated me to a day out on Saturday instead.

We began with a rather lovely cooked breakfast of poached eggs on toast (which was incredibly yummy) before heading off to do the first really touristy thing since we moved to London. We went to visit ‘The Dungeons’. I had acquired a 2 for 1 ticket from the internet so off we headed. As expected, the jubilee line was closed for the third weekend in a row so we had to take an alternative route there. It only took us a little while longer and we still arrived in good time for the one o’clock tour. I have to admit, that at the end, I was sorely disappointed with the experience. It was not very scary, informative or entertaining. Had we paid full price for entry I would have been mightily annoyed. Unless you are oblivious to every major happening in London since the 1500’s then I would steer clear of ‘The Dungeons’ as it will tell you nothing new but more over, will provide very little excitement or value for money.

When we came outfrom that attraction, the effects of the cooked breakfast were waning fairly severely so we followed our noses and found the rather wonderful Borough Market. The first stop for us was to find some food. One of the first stalls to catch our eye was this fellow

He was selling several different flavours of Jamaican patties. Here’s a close up of them

I sampled the closest pattie in the picture which was a Roasted sweet potato and pumpkin one. My other half opted for the jerk chicken pattie. We were both incredibly impressed with our respective choices. My pattie was particularly good as I had never really tried sweet potato before but I shall be having it again. It was incredibly tasty so I am pleased to provide their website to my readers as www.rummanco.co.uk. It really was some very good food and should I see them at any other markets, I will be trying a different pattie. Whilst walking around we also sampled an authentic bratwurst with sauerkraut, an organic English cheesecake and some chocolate brownies. The patties were still our favorites by far. I also spotted the one and only Gok Wan of ‘How to Look Good Naked’ fame ambling around the market. He was being an absolute love and taking lots of pictures with fans so I decided I would leave the man in peace to shop so didn’t ask for one.

By about five o’clock we had eaten enough so headed down to Canary Wharf hoping to find a sunny spot by the river where I could drink some cocktails. We opted for the Via bar and restaurant just near West India Quay DLR stop. It looked promising until the barman mixed my cocktail. I ordered a twisted Mojito which is basically a standard mojito with lime added. Not too complex you would think. Apparently so. Not only did the barman overload it with lime to the extent that it was the predominant, no only, flavour in the glass, but when I returned to ask for it to be remade, he told me I was wrong and this is how it’s supposed to taste. That broke the first rule of customer service, I won’t quote the rule because you all know what it is. Needles to say I simply took a refund for the drink and we left. Now, I wouldn’t have minded the bad cocktail, that can be forgiven, but the side order of arrogance? No thank you. We shall not be going back to that bar anytime in the foreseeable future and I suggest you probably steer clear as well unless you like condescending service.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day. I feel like I have now ticked at least one box on the ‘things to see and do in London’ list. Next I think we shall do museums and such like educational things as the tourist attractions just don’t seem to be up to much.