This Cyclists Gripe

This may not be as you expect everyone because my gripe is not with buses, cars, motorcycles or lorries. It’s with other cyclists and more specifically the ones who do not wear any form of high visibility clothing or a helmet.

This annoyance of mine has always been there but since cycling in London, it has manifested in much more of a rage than merely an irritation. I now have fully blown cyclist rage. My point was hammered home this evening when I saw a gentleman cyclist (who was wearing no helmet, had no lights on his bicycle and was wearing entirely dark clothing) had the audacity to slap/punch the window of a car that had pulled out in front of him. I can only presume they didn’t see him as the female driver’s face was an absolute picture of horror as I went past. Now if he had been wearing appropriate clothes for cycling at night I would have excused his outburst but, he wasn’t.

It’s cyclists like that man who irritate motor vehicle users and give the rest of us a bad name and it really upsets me. I am the type who goes no where near a bicycle without a hi-vis vest, lights, bicycle clips and helmet as I want to be damned sure that if some idiot does knock me down that it will clearly not be because I wasn’t trying to be seen. I have to say though when you cycle around trying to be a ninja on wheels at night with all your dark clothes and no lights, you are asking to get walloped by a car.

I do wish the rest of the cyclists of the world would remeber that you aren’t lit up like an airstip by default, there is no ‘glow in the dark’ aspect to any part of human anatomy. If you don’t want to get squashed then you have to take precautions and if you don’t make yourself visible then you have no right to be angry/agitated at a driver who didn’t see you.

So, that’s my little rant over and I feel much better.


2 thoughts on “This Cyclists Gripe

  1. Man, that is a pain in the arse.

    I don’t even know whether my rollerblading is legal yet, but I haven’t had anyone get cranky. I guess I always try to do the right thing by the pedestrians, but normally everyone moves out of the way if it’s a tight squeeze.

    By the way, it’s actually illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet, in Australia. You’ll get pulled up by the coppers – even if you’re on the footpath.

  2. imkah says:

    Oh I like that law Matt. If only they introduced something like that over here. It’s about time the bad habits get shelved.

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