Bank Holiday Glory!

Easter Bank Holiday. What a blessing. Four days of uninterrupted relaxation and fun. Well I say four days, I actually went to work on Friday morning for a few hours so more three and a half days really. However many days it was, I think we spent it well.

We had one day to ourselves to enjoy oneanothers company before we set about visiting a friend in Surrey. We hadn’t seen this friend for a while and he’s been ‘doing up’ his garden so we planned to have a BBQ if the weather held. When we arrived on Saturday evening the first port of call was the new cinema. We went to see the new Nicholas Cage film ‘Knowing‘. Both my other half and our friend saw the ending coming a mile off but I was pleasantly surprised by it. The plot line wasn’t particularly engaging but I didn’t find myself bored or fidgeting so the story basically plodded the acceptable line between gripping and sleep inducing. I wouldn’t see the film again but I’m not sorry to have sat through it for a couple of hours.

Sunday was the planned BBQ day as the weather man had promised sun. The weather man lied and I shall blame it on him. It was overcast and the overnight rain never really dried out. We ventured out to Bagshot for a cheap but cheerful Sunday roast (which I was positively desperate to eat as I haven’t had a roast dinner for several months). It did the job quite nicely and we rounded off the day with copious amounts of the activities pictured below:

We drank champagne, played SingStar on the Playstation 3, indulged in some Guitar Hero and also mixed in a little World of Warcraft. It was the center of entertainment. I also had quite an amusing time rummaging through my friends kitchen cupboards in search of condiments. Let me explain.

My friend has not lived in his house all that long, maybe 9 or 10 months, and each time we have visited we have been presented with excessive amounts sauces of the bottled variety. BBQ sauce, brown sauce, chili sauce, you name it, he had it. He never had tomato ketchup though. So, I was doing the usual rifle through the cupboard to find a sauce for my hot dog when I started to notice the ‘use before’ dates on the bottles. Now, my Mother has always said “They’re best before dates, not ‘will kill you after’ dates! Don’t be so soft.” So, for the most part, the sniff and texture test will reassure me of the non toxic nature of ‘gone off’ food. For these condiments however, I did not provide such a test as they were all ‘Best Before End’ at various stages in 2005. Ordinarily I would not find this amusing, but seeing as my friend has only lived in his new place for, well less than a year, it meant that he had packed and moved all these out of date condiments from his old flat to his new house. That is what I found the most amusing.  I wonder if it is all men or just a special breed who do things like that. In total I threw out 4 or 5 bottles of sauce, some marmite and vegemite, all years past their best.

The Sun showed it’s face on Monday morning so we ate a cooked breakfast outside on the patio which was glorious. We left shortly after that so we could catch up on the mountain of laundry and housework back in London. As it happened we didn’t get much of that done because we went to see ‘Watchmen‘ at the Vue cinema inside the O2. We did head down much earlier than the showing because the Jubilee line was off, AGAIN. On the way out from the replacement bus service, I saw this map and wondered who had designed it.

Anyway, we still arrived about an hour before the showing and went into Las Iguanas for some food. We sat down and about10 minutes after seating were able to order drinks and food. We opted for bread and olives to start. I went for a Chimichanga as a main and my other half the burger. I have never eaten Latin food before so I was nervous about what might turn up. Unfortunately, I shall never know what a Chimichanga is like as we left the restaurant before the food arrived. Once we had ordered, we sat patiently and waited for our cold olives and bread starter to arrive. After 20 minutes we wondered if our order had even gone through properly and decided that if this was how long it took them to put some olives out of a jar into a bowl and bring them out, then we would be there until midnight waiting for the main meals. We cut our losses, paid for the drinks and left. It’s a shame really because I was quite looking forward to trying something new.

Watchmen however was worth the mishap at the restaurant. It is the best film I have seen in some time. I am endlessly pleased that we finally made it to a cinema to see it because an awful lot of the glory will be lost in translation to the small screen. If you haven’t seen it yet, but want to, please make the effort to see it in a cinema, you won’t be disappointed.


One thought on “Bank Holiday Glory!

  1. Aaron says:

    Sadly Watchmen has been edited to bits here in the UAE so I have avoided seeing at the cinema.

    Wish I could have spent the Bank Holiday with you guys.



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