More of that weekend type fun

Last weekend we visited a friend who lives in the Tower Hamlets area of London. We have visited before but went via public transport and it took us nigh on an hour to get to his house. This time we thought we’d attempt to drive down to him and see how the timings panned out. I think we may have found the only trip in London where it is faster to drive that get the tube/DLR/bus system to. We managed to slash 40 minutes off the efforts of Transport for London and that was including getting mildly lost. Needless to say we shall be driving there every time from now on.

We had a very pleasant time really. The weather was gorgeous so we went down to Greenwich park and sat around chatting as Frisbee’s zoomed past our heads. I was then dragged to a second hand music shop which in itself was not something I am averse to but unfortunately, they seemed to constantly play music that made my brain bleed inside the shop so I had to decamp after 10 minutes or so of rifling through cards and booklets. I waited diligently outside with a portion of chips until the boys had finished their bargain hunting. It was about 7:30 in the evening before we finally arrived back at the flat in Tower Hamlets. We decided to order pizza and watch a film. Pizza Hut received their order via the internet and we put on a Film called ‘Funny Games U.S.’. I will confess that it is one of the single most obscure films I have ever seen in my entire life. I shall not be watching it again but I am also not sorry I sat through the epic almost 2 hours of plain confusion. There really is nothing more I can say about the experience of that film, it was simply odd.

Anyway, so engrossed were with with the oddity of film that we didn’t notice the pizza we ordered before the film was not yet with us. Now we knew the buzzer to the flat was broken but we had provided Pizza Hut with a landline number to call when they were at the door. So we were quite puzzled by the fact that pizza was missing. We tried to call Pizza Hut but got an engaged tone. We tried to ring the house phone and got an engaged tone. The telephone network it seemed had gone mad and neither ours nor Pizza Hut’s telephones were working. Bugger. We hopped in the car and nipped down to the delivery shop and went in to explain our plight. We apologised for our phone, they apologised for our phone and it was all terribly amicable. They set about cooking us some new pizza’s. Lovely. When the freshly cooked pizza’s were presented to us we saw a delivery guy come round the corner with another stack of boxes. The counter guy said “Oh these are the cold ones. You want them too?”. Well my comrades and I looked at each other confused, and then checked for cameras in case we were on ‘You’ve Been Framed’ but all was legitimate. We left the shop with not our original order of 4 pizza’s but 8 pizza’s and a free side of spicy chicken wings.

We were initially very angry at British Telecom for breaking the phones but I think they can be forgiven on this occasion. Here’s a snap of the stack of boxes. I did try to take a picture of all the pizza’s open but there wasn’t enough space on the floor.

So we left Tower Hamlets with enough pizza remaining for Sunday and Monday. Marvellous!