2 locks not enough you say?

Today there was an incident. An incident involving mischief of the illegal variety. Today, two youths (aged approximately 15 years old) attempted to steal my new bicycle.

When I decided to commute to work on a bicycle I purchased £25 worth of very industrial cycle lock to go with my £10 worth of coil lock. I have always used the more industrial lock to lock the frame and back wheel to a post and the coil lock to secure the front wheel to the post. This didn’t change when I bought my new bike. However, it will form now on.

I am very lucky I work in a place with a lot of smokers, as it was a cigarette break that prevented my bicycle being stolen entirely today. One of the managers was outside on such a break when these two ‘children’ stopped next to my bike and began pulling at it. My manager just watched for a bit. They pulled and lifted my bike a little (which I had, as always, locked very securely so there was no play in the chain) which my manager kept a close eye on for about a minute. After obviously deciding the locks wouldn’t give that easily and it could not be lifted off the post, one of the youths produced a pair of pliers and started to go at my coil lock. That’s when my manager decided enough was enough and shouted at them until they left.

Now one employee has already had their bicycle stolen but it was in part a stupid mistake as she has chained it to a bollard and not a tall post but it was still removed and carried away in broad daylight. At this point now, the big boss had to concede that bicycles should be brought inside the office building. Clever cookie isn’t he?

Anyway, I am now researching better locks that will hopefully deter thieves because I don’t think the cycles inside policy will last very long. I am looking seriously at a Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 lock. They have a very good reputation and I think using it in conjunction with a safety cable and my existing large chain lock that my bicycle should be secure from even the most determined thief. It’s just a shame that i have to spend an additional £45 to secure the £200 bike I just bought.

Such is life


One thought on “2 locks not enough you say?

  1. Louise Curtis Mother to the fish pond licker says:

    I think you should just get a really fierce dog and chain it to your bike,either that or a small child hat will scream releasing a variety of ear piercing screams into the vacinity. I can lend you one lol,mind you he would probably just try and eat them,and your bike!

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