Belated interesting weekend update!

Firstly, my apologies for not doing this entry in the correct chronological order but I was waiting on a friend (who’s name I shall not mention) to send me the required photographs. Anyway, they have now been received and I can proceed along with telling you all about the lovely day I had on the 22nd March.

A friend from Manchester had rung me much earlier in the week to inform of his presence in London and enquired as to whether I would be able to do lunch. I was available so we agreed a day and time. Public transport had a different idea of the time though as the scheduled engineering work made a 20 minute journey into a 90 minute horror but that’s an entirely different rant.

I met up with my friend and three of his comrades who were in London with him for a 22nd Birthday celebration. We duly ate sushi/noodles and a lot of other things before deciding where would be cheapest to enjoy the gorgeous weather and company. But before we did I saw these amazing cakes!

Now my cake fix is done we can continue.

In London this is a fairly tall order as there is so much to do and see. I did suggest though that if none of the party had ever been to Covent Garden on a weekend it would be a well worth while walk because the entertainers and musicians there are normally top quality. So we walked form Russel Square to Covent Garden as we didn’t want to chance getting delayed by any other engineering works.

When we arrived I reminded all in our little group to be wary of pick pockets because Covent garden was teeming with tourist and easy meat so we all double secured valuables and then waded into the crowds to find an entertainer that tickled our fancy. There were plenty of people just doing small displays such as this one: –

We really wanted a more sustained effort of holding out attention. We plodded off to find a show and we didn’t have to go far.

The first man we came across was a magician. As entertaining as his show was, it was incredibly riskee (insert French pronunciation here). In order to secure assistants for his show he actually pulled children out of the crowds by their collars and manhandled more than one less than happy crowd member. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely in the spirit of the show but he was lucky none of the parents caught him on the jaw when he lunged for their children. He was acceptably funny so we put some pennies in his hat.

We detoured via an ice cream van before settling on the next show to see. I also saw a shop full of very sad and reduced in price Wall-E toys

The next entertainer was a man who looked rather like a hobo. the clothes he was wearing were very tatty and he was extremely skinny. He looked less like an entertainer and more like a beggar. Anyway, we settled on the edge of his area to watch. Imagine our glee when the hobo came across to one of our party and plucked him out the crowd to help. Our friend was declared the entertainers ‘Favorite one’ of his two volunteers and this happened: –

Now you have to give the man his dues. he not only performed a very convincing striptease but our friend played his part well and was suitably horrified. The show ended with the hobo escaping from a straight jacket under a bet that if he didn’t free himself in two minutes then his favorite one (i.e. our friend) would win £10. Wonderful! The crowd was particularly mean and didn’t appreciate his showmanship in timing his escape to be two minutes and one second. They still made him pay the £10. After the show we did try to return then money to the entertainer but he wasn’t having any of it. I think he really appreciated that his favorite one did not knee him in the danglers as he was gyrating his codpiece in his face.

The day ended with us migrating towards Leicester Square for drinking games and chatter. I will be honest and say apart from the brand of cider I was consuming (Brothers Strawberry and Pear), I don’t remember much else about it. I must have thought that this electric car charging ‘Juice Point’ was brilliant though as I stopped and took a bad photgraph of it.

A good day!


3 thoughts on “Belated interesting weekend update!

  1. Louise Curtis Mother to the fish pond licker says:

    Emma why did you not get a walle toy were they really cheap a missed bargain there

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