Student Paramedicship

Way back in January I sent in an application to the London Ambulance Service (LAS) for a student paramedic place I had seen advertised in the newspaper. I didn’t hear anything for months until in late February a letter dropped onto the mat that said I had been shortlisted. Hoorah! I then receive another letter about a week later detailing my invite to an ‘assessment day’. Now the last ‘assessment day’ I went to was horrific so I can’t say I was looking forward to it. I diligently learned the material they sent me, brushed up on my map reading and numeracy skills. I also started cycling to work (which is a 13 mile round trip at least 3 times a week) in order to bring my fitness level up a little for the ‘lifting’ section of the assessment.

The test section on the material I had learned was fine. As was the map reading and the section on highway code. I also feel like the verbal reasoning test went well. However, when it came to the maths section, I think my brilliance was short lived. I started off well on the easy questions only to stumble when i got down to fraction addition and such like calculations that I did in year 7 but never again. Of a total of 30 questions, I only managed to answer 18 in the 7 minutes allotted for the test. I did however feel reassured when the accountant sat next to me had only got to question 17. I think maybe that test is for mathematical genius’ only and not the common man/woman.

I shall know the results on Thursday so I shall be sure to update on here. I do have a rather exciting weekend to report on at some point but I am waiting for photographs from a friend before I write that one so watch this space.


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