Lovely Day

You know sometimes you can wake up and think “I really cannot go to work today. My soul might die if I do.” Well today, I had one of those days, and a very minor sore throat, so I called in sick. I have never been so pleased about taking a sick day in my life. The sun is shining, the grass outside my flat was mowed this morning and I have a laptop that can still access my wireless internet connection if I am outside sat on it.

Today, life is good. The friendly cat who lives the floor above us is making sure I don’t get into any mischief and watching me carefully from a broken panel in the fence. My neighbours, to whom I was previously an anonymous tenant, are now stopping and smiling to saying hello because I have taken a wonderful day and plan to truly enjoy it by sitting on a run outside on freshly cut grass. I apologise for the quality of the photo but webcams can only do so much.

Who’s the winner? I am, that’s who.


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