Is that really mine?

A trip home to my Mother’s house was needed this weekend. This was due to the fact that I needed to fetch my Camping equipment as we are going to Download 2009 but also to collect my rather beautiful guitar from the loft. On the trip up to Lincolnshire I received a phone call from my sister at Shrivenham reminding me that I had lent her husband my guitar so it wasn’t in the loft. *Insert Swear Word here*. We quickly arranged a little detour on our way back to London to collect the guitar on Sunday evening. Not a disaster.

We arrived and were feeling fairly hungry. I decided to whip up some cheesy tuna pasta. I made the roux sauce and got that all going and asked my other half to open and drain the can of tune. Not a big task right? Well what if I told you that the can opener was battery powered and that they went flat half way around the can. Would that make the story more entertaining? Well lucky for you, what’s what happened. I was less than impressed and called my Mother into the kitchen to berate her about how could she not have a spare can opener for when a situation like this arose. We just had to get the can opener off and change the batteries. No big deal. I found the instructions and followed them to the letter about how to release a can but all it resulted in was this:

An electric can opener still stuck to a can of tuna. Not impressed. We toiled for about 15 minutes trying to release the opener. We employed several strategies including release via causing metal fatigue and the brute force approach. Nothing worked. The result was the following:

One misshapen can of tuna and two portions of pasta with a cheese sauce.

We bought my Mother two types of manual can opener before we left on Sunday.


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