Having a fun time

Starting the new job and generally settling into working again has worn me out so last week I decided it was high time for some fun. It started on Wednesday evening when we (me and three willing supporters) went along to an event called ‘Rockaoke’ at Roadhouse in Covant Garden. They have a fantastic take on karaoke. The Roadhouse basically does karaoke with a live band and it’s brilliant. It was wonderfully good fun and they served tasty cocktails too. I got up and did the song ‘Sex on Fire’ by the band ‘King of Leon’. It was a fabulous experience to get up with a live band and belt out a song. To my surprise I actually won second prize and got to take a free bottle of champagne home. Not bad! We’ll be going back again when I have mastered a song because the winner gets a £100 bar tab for the evening. That would go down very well with their cocktail menu. So the jollity’s started on Wednesday.

Thursday was a little painful at work as we didn’t crawl through the front door until 2am so going to work to beg for money wasn’t the most fun I had had all week. But I got it over and done with and looked forward to Friday. Some of you will know that I am friends with the Englishman in Dubai and he was in the UK for a wedding this weekend therefore time was allotted in which to shop, eat and have a catch up. I must say that shopping with the Englishman in Dubai is an experience that I can compare to no other but I think I gave him a run for his money this time as I managed to secure some purchases of my own. I even dragged him into music shops so I could buy some guitar books and other equipment for my side venture. I’m definitely holding my own when it comes to shopping now. After we had eaten at a noodle place we walked past this shop front:

I have never seen such an amazing display of decorated muffins in my life. I of course had to investigate further. here’s a close up of a rather amazing muffin or two:

That’s right, there’s a flying saucer on the red one and Bassets All Sorts on the Brown one. I was transfixed. I HAD to buy and eat one!! I settled on a caramel popcorn muffin and can happily report it was very yummy when eaten in conjunction with a cup of tea. This shop is truly amazing but best of all, you can buy them on-line! If you fancy something really special for your guests I would defiantly consider getting a selection of these from Candy Cakes.

The day ended with us meeting other friends in the Eagle Bar Diner for burgers and cocktails. It really was a lovely day and I would very much like to thank the Englishman in Dubai for sparing some of his valuable time to explain the concept of Virtualisation to me (which by the way is very clever).


2 thoughts on “Having a fun time

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey Emma – It was a really fun day wasn’t it? I am not sure about this credit crunch in the UK. Everybody was shopping like mad in London!

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