A Musical and The New Job

Well it was my first day of training today. I learned a lot about how to get more money out of people for charity. I expect tomorrow will follow the same theme. The people there, both existing staff and fellow new people, seem lovely and friendly and I enjoyed myself.  That’s all I have to report after my first day really.

On Friday we were lucky enough to get some free tickets for the musical ‘Jersey Boys’. The tickets were free due to unfortunate weather conditions preventing family from Sheffield getting down to London to see it. We were pleased to make sure the seats weren’t left empty. All in all it was a very enjoyable musical. I didn’t realise that Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons had written so many songs that I didn’t realise was their material e.g. ‘Beggin’ that was covered recently and ‘Oh what a Night’ as well as the better known ‘Walk like a Man’. It was very well performed. Nothing seemed to go wrong and there wasn’t a single set/costume hiccough. there was however a rather silly, drunk woman sat opposite us who decided that the standing ovation was a good time to launch her fists at the person behind. It’s a classy affair this going to a theatre business.


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