White Out

On Sunday Afternoon, we noticed a brief snow shower and  managed to grab a photo through the living room window.

The shower lasted about 2 minutes and none of the snow settled. The snow tried to come down in dribs and drabs for the rest of the day but failed. Imagine my surprise when this morning I woke to find this.

I immediately cursed my laziness the day before. I had procrastinated and postponed doing the food shopping until the next morning. This was the next morning. I wrapped up warm and braved the cold. Apart from my gloves, I was all set. I found the car looking like this.

That’s our little Yaris. Now remember I said I couldn’t find my gloves? After clearing the windows with the ice scraper, my hands felt like…..actually, I couldn’t even feel them. The snow was so deep that my trousers had accumulated quite a covering around the hems. Thank goodness for sensible clarks winter boots. Not having wet or cold feet was a blessing.

I positively crawled the mile to the supermarket. It was worth it however as the place was deserted. I don’t know if this was more to do with the snow or the fact that it has just turned 8am. Whatever the reason I didn’t care. I despise food shopping as the supermarkets are always teeming with people who like to stand in the centre of the isles and discuss what they will feed Mary and Tim when the visit six months on Friday. It agitates me beyond belief so wheeling my trolley around with no plebeians in the way was simply glorious. It can snow more often for me.

I do however find it highly amusing that the English as a nation seem incapable of dealing with snow. I received a call from my other half at about 9am informing me he was on his way home from work. Apparently most of the people from his team hadn’t been able to make it into the office and therefore his services were not required. I don’t know if it is a coincidence but the lifts in his building were also broken. He normally works on the 31st floor so to get the call to go home when you have used steps all the way upto the 25th floor must be a bit grating.


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