A Weekend of Culture

The weekend of 17th and 18th January brought us our first weekend of the culture that London has to offer. I am however making my post on the weekend out of sync with the rest of my blog as I wanted the pictures off my telephone but I have had PC problems that will be covered in another entry.

Anyway, we embarked upon a theatre trip with a friend from Camberly. In choosing what play to see we had considered several options. We wanted something light hearted as the feeling of a reeling brain was not on our agenda. This leaned us towards the possibility of a musical as they require slim to no synapses firing. My other half however has a fairly inbuilt distaste of musicals which seems a little misguided as he’s never been to see one. We conceded however that maybe his first theatre trip should not be to a musical. So on with the search. Within the limited ‘comedy’ genre we found several options but nearly all were discounted once reviews were read and cast members googled. After a lot of eliminations we were left with a play called ‘The 39 Steps’. It was a very fast moving comedy with a total cast of four. Between them, the four player portrayed a staggering number of characters. I think the programme quoted it as 150. You think that may sound like an immense amount but the script was very cleverly written and really fitted the character transitions. They were humorously done and wonderfully acted. By the end of the matinee, the female lead was beginning to grind on my nerves a little as I felt she was over acting her part. It didn’t feel like it was written to accommodate the amount of personality she injected into it. Overall though it was a very enjoyable play.

We then ventured into China Town but went via Soho as I forgot which way China Town was. We did arrive in the end though and ate some good food. Avid readers of this blog will remember the photos I took of rather marvellous cakes last time I was in China Town. Well this time, I bought some cakes. I absolutely NEEDED to know what the animals that topped the cakes were made from. The cake was purchased with a direct intent to dissect it. In the process of buying the cake though I ventured around the single most amazing shop full of wonderful treats. I had no idea what any of the treats were as I couldn’t read a single label. All I know is that I wanted to eat them all. I refrained from taking more photo’s of cakes as I fear my blog might start to look too tasty and I dont’ want to be billed for new keyboards due to excess salivation by the user. Back on track now. I purchased the following. One neon pink pig cake

and one ‘Red bean’ cake

Once transported safely home. The dissection began. To much surprise, the pig topper was found to be entirely ‘whippy’. It was just a creamy neon pig. You have got to give credit to the makes of the cakes though as to achieve such a cute looking little animal using just whippy cream/stuff is truly admirable. Here’s a dissection image.

The cake the pig was mounted on was moist and tasty. The pig however tasted of basically nothing. He was all air and no substance. The red bean cake was just………well………a little like a fig roll, but much much blander. Not unpleasant but something very neutral you might enjoy with a cup of tea. Whippy Pig and Odd Bean Cake were devoured over the course of the evening where Guitar Hero and Sing Star provided entertainment.

A pleasant weekend was enjoyed by all. The man from Camberly assures us the next culture trip will be to see Les Miserables. Watch this space.


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