A job!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right,  I got one.

It’s a part time call centre job because no one seems to want full time staff anywhere at the moment. It’s not a regular call centre though, it’s a centre to do charity fundraising. So I’ll basically be calling people up who have donated to charity before/requested information about donating and ask them to give more money please thanks very much. Part time is o.k for the moment so long as I can start clawing my way back out of my overdraft. And part time will also lend itself nicely to me trying to rectify my issues from my previous entry.

I have been looking for and replying to adverts for female singers. I figure that if I reply and every audition I go to tells me that actually I sound like a dying cat, then I tried and I can put aside dream of singing with some solid evidence that I am useless at it. If that happens, I shall be content in picking the flute back up and piping a tune.


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