So, how did it go?

Well I promised a post yesterday on how my first volunteer session went and I failed. Once I had got home, dug out the kitchen and put a load of washing on all I wanted to do was finish reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. I’m afraid my brain just wasn’t working well enough to compose and informative blog entry. The Kitchen was such a mess because i made this rather amazing looking lasagna the night before:-

Volunteering is a funny old gig. I didn’t dislike it but it was far from what I was expecting. I basically rearranged some of the displays and then wiped down a lot of donated items. I felt a bit like an extra wheel because I didn’t really know what i was supposed to be doing so I stood about waiting to be handed tasks most of the day. All of the other volunteers and employees in there are brilliant though. All of them are friendly. There’s a couple of foreign students from Nigeria volunteering in the shop too so it’s a really good spread of people. I’m going back again tomorrow and will get taught how to book in collections and deliveries so that should get me a bit more involved.

When I got home yesterday I was greeted by the glorious sight of these: –

just in case you can’t work out what it is I shall tell you. It is a ticket to see Fall Out Boy live in March. I am very excited as I can’t really remember the last time I went to see a band live. I think it may have been at Newcastle and I think I saw Editors. That was WAY back at university. It has been FAR too long since I saw live music squeezed in between a lot of other people. I have two tickets. One for me and one for my friend who has similar tastes in music to me. Fall Out Boy is not my other half’s cup of tea so trying to get him to go and not stand there like a grump would have been worse than Mission Impossible. I think my research of their new album is also done now. I feel I am familiar enough with the songs to whoop at the ones I’ll enjoy the most at the gig. I’m an odd one really because it doesn’t matter what live music it is so long as I have a limited knowledge of the material and there is at least one song I like. I’ll go and see anyone.


One thought on “So, how did it go?

  1. George McCrudden says:

    It’s good your doing something constructive rather than sitting about playing games – espically for charity.

    Oh and enjoy your concert!

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