New Years Resolution

I have been coerced into making anew years resolution by the Englishman in Dubai. It is as follows: –

To make at least 1 post on my blog per week.

Now I know I will forget about my blog as I job hunt and undertake various other activities but I have agreed.

Speaking of Job hunting. I had a very long think and chat with my other half after I messed up my second round interview on Tuesday. The outcome was that to earn as much money as we need to if we wish to buy a place in the next 3 years – we would have a truly miserable home life. The decision was made that i should stop looking for high paying, high stress jobs that could achieve the aim of buying property and instead just get a job that I love no matter what that is. So I went back to thinking about the common theme that all of my previous job hunts have been around. It all centred back in onto 1 thing, the fact that I really enjoy helping other people. I thought back and remembered that I had been talked out of studying nursing and into studying Forensics. I wanted to help people whilst in forensic but found it too detached from the people. It was quite demoralising actually but that’s a story for another day.

So after all this thinking, in a flash I remembered sitting n the tube reading one of the free papers and seeing an advert for Student Paramedics. I vividly remember at the time reading every word of it carefully and having a think whilst on the tube. Once out of the tube doors though it flitted off amongst the crowd. I have decided however, no more forgetting/being talked out of or generally ignoring what I want to do. I want to be a health care professional and I figure if I get ti drive a van that goes NNNEEEEENNNNAAAAAAAARRRRR as I do it then I’m there with bells on.


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