A job!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right,  I got one.

It’s a part time call centre job because no one seems to want full time staff anywhere at the moment. It’s not a regular call centre though, it’s a centre to do charity fundraising. So I’ll basically be calling people up who have donated to charity before/requested information about donating and ask them to give more money please thanks very much. Part time is o.k for the moment so long as I can start clawing my way back out of my overdraft. And part time will also lend itself nicely to me trying to rectify my issues from my previous entry.

I have been looking for and replying to adverts for female singers. I figure that if I reply and every audition I go to tells me that actually I sound like a dying cat, then I tried and I can put aside dream of singing with some solid evidence that I am useless at it. If that happens, I shall be content in picking the flute back up and piping a tune.


So, how did it go?

Well I promised a post yesterday on how my first volunteer session went and I failed. Once I had got home, dug out the kitchen and put a load of washing on all I wanted to do was finish reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. I’m afraid my brain just wasn’t working well enough to compose and informative blog entry. The Kitchen was such a mess because i made this rather amazing looking lasagna the night before:-

Volunteering is a funny old gig. I didn’t dislike it but it was far from what I was expecting. I basically rearranged some of the displays and then wiped down a lot of donated items. I felt a bit like an extra wheel because I didn’t really know what i was supposed to be doing so I stood about waiting to be handed tasks most of the day. All of the other volunteers and employees in there are brilliant though. All of them are friendly. There’s a couple of foreign students from Nigeria volunteering in the shop too so it’s a really good spread of people. I’m going back again tomorrow and will get taught how to book in collections and deliveries so that should get me a bit more involved.

When I got home yesterday I was greeted by the glorious sight of these: –

just in case you can’t work out what it is I shall tell you. It is a ticket to see Fall Out Boy live in March. I am very excited as I can’t really remember the last time I went to see a band live. I think it may have been at Newcastle and I think I saw Editors. That was WAY back at university. It has been FAR too long since I saw live music squeezed in between a lot of other people. I have two tickets. One for me and one for my friend who has similar tastes in music to me. Fall Out Boy is not my other half’s cup of tea so trying to get him to go and not stand there like a grump would have been worse than Mission Impossible. I think my research of their new album is also done now. I feel I am familiar enough with the songs to whoop at the ones I’ll enjoy the most at the gig. I’m an odd one really because it doesn’t matter what live music it is so long as I have a limited knowledge of the material and there is at least one song I like. I’ll go and see anyone.

Volunteer work

So, tomorrow I begin volunteering at the local British heart Foundation charity shop whilst I job hunt. I figure it will do at least 2 good things for me. it will not only allow me to get to know some people from the area but it will also look good on my CV.

I’m actually really looking forward to it. We have been in there a couple of times to look round for bits and pieces and they seem to have loads of decent stuff so it will be interesting to help out with it all. I will of course be letting you know tomorrow how it went.

For the time being though, I would ask for all your best wishes to follow my application to be a paramedic. It’s something I really want to do so any and all good vibes would be appreciated.

New Years Resolution

I have been coerced into making anew years resolution by the Englishman in Dubai. It is as follows: –

To make at least 1 post on my blog per week.

Now I know I will forget about my blog as I job hunt and undertake various other activities but I have agreed.

Speaking of Job hunting. I had a very long think and chat with my other half after I messed up my second round interview on Tuesday. The outcome was that to earn as much money as we need to if we wish to buy a place in the next 3 years – we would have a truly miserable home life. The decision was made that i should stop looking for high paying, high stress jobs that could achieve the aim of buying property and instead just get a job that I love no matter what that is. So I went back to thinking about the common theme that all of my previous job hunts have been around. It all centred back in onto 1 thing, the fact that I really enjoy helping other people. I thought back and remembered that I had been talked out of studying nursing and into studying Forensics. I wanted to help people whilst in forensic but found it too detached from the people. It was quite demoralising actually but that’s a story for another day.

So after all this thinking, in a flash I remembered sitting n the tube reading one of the free papers and seeing an advert for Student Paramedics. I vividly remember at the time reading every word of it carefully and having a think whilst on the tube. Once out of the tube doors though it flitted off amongst the crowd. I have decided however, no more forgetting/being talked out of or generally ignoring what I want to do. I want to be a health care professional and I figure if I get ti drive a van that goes NNNEEEEENNNNAAAAAAAARRRRR as I do it then I’m there with bells on.

Hello 2009!!!!

Sorry for the total lack of any updates over the Christmas/New Year period but I was a little busy trekking the length of the Country.

Christmas itself was spent in Sheffield with the respective families there. As is tradition, mince pies were smothered in brandy cream and eaten whilst watching the offerings on television. The BBC actually offered quite a good selection this year. I enjoyed the two ‘Wallace and Gromit’ movies the best as I had not seen them before. lets face it, a man and a dog made of plasticine that like cheese are winners in anyone books. I was however deeply disappointed with the quality of boxing day sale shopping in Sheffield. The bargains were not only of poor quality but they were so few and far between that i only ended up buying three pairs of full price earrings. How terrible is that?!

Presents consisted of money and books mainly. This little ditty was given to my other half by my Mother. it’s a reference to an on line game we all play. She also purchased one for herself and I applied them to the corresponding vehicles. This is the one on our Yaris’ back window: –

And this is the one on my Mother’s car’s boot lid: –

If you play the on line game we do – you will get the joke. If you don’t, I urge you not to be tragic enough to look it up.

Then back to my hometown for a few days to see family and get the car serviced. I dont’ know how many other readers have a friend who is a mechanic but I shall regail you with how wonderful mine is. His name is Lee and he’s stored in my mobile phone as ‘Lee (The Car God)’ because he is the one stop wonderfully amusing and charismatic shop for anything that has an engine. He sold us the car we currently drive (a Toyata Yaris T Spirit) as a huge favour. He owned it previously and he loves it to pieces. Due to the fact that Lee loves this little Yaris more than me – I HAD to wash it before I took it to him for a service. You may think that’s a bit of ass kissing going on there but it’s not. Here’s my proof: –

I would just like to clarify that the wheel was not in shade one side – it’s dirt. The car was in a shameful state and Lee would have beheaded me if it had arrived looking like that. Thankfully next to nothing on the car needed attention and Christmas money paid for the service so that was much appreciated as I am still unemployed so all outgoings are a pretty big deal at the moment.

We have only been back in London for 2 days now so haven’t had much time to do anything other than unpack, washing and food shopping. We did manage to go and socialise for a little while today. We met with two friends in central London and ate at a BBQ smoke house called Bodeans. I had the very appropriate ‘Boston Butt’ Sandwich consisting of shredded pork and beef topped with coleslaw. It was getting a little dry by the time I had munched my way through a rather large bun of it. I am sure that in a smaller portion it would have fared much better. The purpose of meeting up was to finally start a ball rolling with regard to a website we’re supposed to be creating. I think more coffee and meat was eaten than website was discussed. All things in good time I suppose.

Lastly, I am VERY excited to inform you all that my friend Paul and I will be bopping along to a Fall Out Boy gig at the O2 in London in March. I bought their new album ‘Folie a Deux’ for research purposes and have to admit – I am totally blow away by it. It’s incredibly original and well constructed. My absolute favorite track from the deluxe edition version I bought is ‘Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet’. It’s just a fantastic fusion of guitars, drums, piano and good old brass with what I sense a bit of synthtasticness in the background. After a few listens I couldn’t stop myself shouting/singing along to it. The entire album is a joy with only one slightly ropey track on it and I would 110% recommend it to anyone who has any interest in extraordinarily well produced and performed music.