Festive Season

As I’m sure most of you are fully aware, it’s Christmas Eve. I am still feeling pretty much like scrooge if I am honest but I can put this down to 2 things: –

1) I outsourced Christmas shopping to my Mother this year so have had no wonderful Christmas queues to stand in – I feel this queueing activity always contributes to the festive feel.

2) I have no large tin of any of the following: Roses, Quality Street, Heroes or Celebrations. These massive tin tubs of chocolates have always been the cherry on the top of a Christmas experience for me. You can’t buy them at any other time of the year and they represent the utter over indulgence we all participate in over Christmas.

We did go to the pub last night with a couple of friends for some pre Christmas cheer. I did have a good time but still left feeling decidely un Christmassy. There was some Christmas spirit on the DLR back home though as a few drunk men burst into festive song all the way back to Stratford. It was quite charming until one of them relieved himself all over a chair – that was not so festive.

I write this as I wait for my other half to return form work so that we can begin the drive to his parents in order to spend Christmas with them before moving onto my family for New Years. I also feel grumpy about this waiting as his boss indicated that a 12 O’clock finish was in order for today yet it’s twenty to three and he’s still not home.

So, I better conclude my grumpy grinch like Festive entry before I bring too many of you down with me. I do however wish everyone, very sincerely, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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