Fun times shall be had

I arranged to meet with an old school friend whom I haven’t seen for a long while this Friday. It didn’t start well. I had gotten my P’s mixed up and went to Paddington tube not Picadilly. Oopsie. That was rectified quickly though and soon I was in a pub with a cider. Hoorah. I friend of mine also came to meet us so we shared some drinks and some giggles.

We ventured to the border of Soho and ate at a restaurant called Satsuma. I have been there once previously and it was very good. I was not disappointed this time either. My more learned friend ordered some sides and sushi for us. We enjoyed mixed tempura, California rolls and chicken dumplings. For a main meal I opted for grilled eel. It was very nicely cooked but the ginger in the dish soon overwhelmed my palette so I lost the eels flavour very early on. I would definitely have grilled eel again as it was really rather tasty.

On the way back to the pub we went past an amazing cake shop. I simply had to stop and take some photo’s of the delicacies they sold. I apologise for the quality – it was a camera phone moment.

This was a large cake. I can imagine a lot of children and adults alike will see the appeal of this.

The next two are smaller bite size cakes but equally as sweet and charming.

We had a jolly old time and were taken to a pub called The Bricklayers Arms. It was a proper pub. You felt like you were sitting in someones living room and all of the drinks were from small breweries and good old English manufacturers. The was no Coca Cola or Pepsi in sight. It was a really good place to just chat. I wish we had gone earlier in the night.

I had no intentions of staying out all night but it had been so long since a catch up with my school pal that it was decided the best plan all round was for me to go back to her place, meet her dragon and stay over. This is the dragon. He’s known as Goku and he is very sweet.

After a very peaceful night on the sofa bed. I was taken to a cafe in Surbiton for breakfast.Oh my what a breakfast it was. We visited a place called Puccino’s. and this is what filled the condiment pot on the table.

I do hope the picture isn’t too small because what it depicts is sheer brilliance. The sachets of white and brown sugar had all been branded with really rather amusing captions. The White sugar was branded as being ‘for commoners’ whilst the brown was ‘ for snobs’. On the reverse the sachets had more captions. My favorite has to be on the back of a white sachet, it’s labelled as ‘Rubbish Beanbag’. The biscuits that arrived with cups of tea were equally amusing as they stated ‘Stupid little biscuit – put in bin immediately’. Similarly the chocolate with coffee was emblazoned ‘Useless bit of chocolate – no point in existing’. I don’t know about the rest of you but I think this is insanely clever branding. I was so amused by my teabag label that I brought it home. It says ‘Puccino’s nice cup of tea – Coffee is SO over’. I do advise visiting a Puccino’s near you soon because not only were the condiments amusing but the food certainly hit the spot too.

Until next time…….


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