Interview where now?

The interviews and interest in me had a little flurry at the end of last week. I called a company on Thursday afternoon after sending them my CV through a job website. I do this because looking at my CV, I know I will get disregarded for 90% of the jobs I go for as I have slim to no ‘relevant’ experience. The only way I seem to succeed in securing an interview is using the ‘follow up call’ method of applying. That way the HR people get to speak to me and I can convince them that, despite my almost total lack of experience, I am right for the job. Anyway, back to the flurry.

After my follow up call of Thursday afternoon, I was most surprised to be invited in for an interview at 10 O’clock the following day. Not much time to learn about mobile communications. I pestered a few friends who work in telecoms and by the time I was sat on the tube the next day, I felt half prepared. The interviewer was lovely and we seemed to have a good rapport going. I feel the interview went very well so I am hoping I will get a call back for interview number two early this week.

After exhausting my brain in a ninety minute interview and coupled with the lack of sleep from the night before, I went for a nap as all tired people should). About an hour later I was roused by my mobile phone ringing away. Rather groggily I answered it and was met by a very bubbly lady who wanted to speak with me about my CV. This resulted in my brain springing into action and the false sound of me appearing coherent. I can’t have been that terrible as I was emailed information to read over the weekend in preparation for a call back today. Lovely.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s all going.

Until next time.


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