If at first you don’t succeed, try try again

I had my very first experience of an ‘Assessment Day’ yesterday. It didn’t go all that well as they sent me home at the first cut but, on the plus side, I learnt an awful lot about assessment days and the mistakes I made while I was there.

It’s very easy to be daunted by grouping off with total strangers and undertaking a task. I was a little phased by this and sunk into my shell. This was a huge mistake but it was one I couldn’t recognise at the time. It was only on reflection that I sat back and thought ‘Actully, I’m not surprised they dropped you because I would have dropped me after that’. I also picked up a few hints and tips about recruitment in general from some of the other exercises we did.

All in all I drove a long way for no job but I still learned some very valuable lessons and I am very much looking forward to getting feedback fromt he company to see if they agree with where  I think I went wrong.

I do hate job hunting though. Until next time


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