What a weekend!

After the epic failing of my plans on Thursday and Friday it was refreshing to know nothing about what was going to take place on the drinking spree over the weekend. All I knew was I was the text the master of ceremonies and in return I would receive a tube station destination. How mystically exciting.

We ended up at Tottenham Court Road tube station from where we proceeded to a rather nice bar called Eagle Bar Diner. They sold some very interesting cocktails of which I sampled the peanut butter martini which is very nice but wouldn’t be something I would like more than one of. The appletini however I could have sipped on until the proverbial cows came home. It was very tasty indeed. My continental friend decided that disgusting was the order of the day and so after a few tasty cocktails ordered himself a Gustav’s Garden. This consisted of rosemary, cucumber, black pepper, some form of alcohol and a lot of ice. It was Horrific! But that was the point.

After the lovely cocktails we trawled a couple of bar/club places. They didn’t really meet expectations music or drinks wise unfortunately but still, a fun time was had by all I feel. The party split up at about two in the morning. After a spate of unsuccessful attempts to hail a legal cab down to take us home, we ended up taking a dodgy one. This displeased me on every level but we got home safe and for ten pounds cheaper than in a black cab so not all bad – just mostly.

Saturday morning consisted of educating the continental one in the ways of full English breakfasts at greasy spoon cafes. It was a success on all levels. We even managed to muster up a good British downpour for him so he got the full and miserable effect.

Saturday night followed a similar theme to the Friday except for the food before drinking. It was a rather nice Chinese place in London. Good food, reasonable price and service. We opted for a JD Wetherspoons as the drinking hole due to severely dented purses/wallets from the cocktails of the night before. I discovered a rather wonderful cider called Kopparberg. I sampled 3 varieties. The Winter Berries version was by far my favorite but sadly supply did not meet demand and the pub sold out. The next on the list was Blackberry. Not as fruity as the winter berries and much sweeter. Again though supply and demand issues forced me onto the third variety the pub stocked. Pear cider. Oh my goodness. Never again shall I grace the doorstep of apple ciders unless forced to. Pear and berry ciders are far tastier and much cleaner than apple ciders. I am converted.

The Saturday night concluded at a similar time to that of the Friday but instead of hailing a dodgy cab man, we braved a night bus! For ninety pence, you can’t go wrong. It took just over forty minutes for us to travel home but the bus stops at the top of our road which makes it incredibly convenient after a night of drunken jollity’s.

Sunday was much less intense on the beer front. We were shown to a very nice Japanese restaurant by our tour guide. I have to say that i was more than impressed at the cost vs quality aspect of the Hare and Tortoise. A truly lovely meal at an astonishingly reasonable price. We sampled sashimi, sushi, soup, noodles, rice, dumplings and some battered vegetables that I cannot remember the name of but that were divine. We also tried the ‘Raw Juice’ which was made from carrot, apple and water. I must say though, I personally would have preferred to just eat the carrot and apple then drunk the water.

A lovely weekend spent in lovely company. New things learned along the way too. Not much more can be asked of a good time.


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