Mostly Tired………

Well last weekend was a fairly eventful one!

We’d organised some time ago to have a friend from the continent come and stay with us in our new place. We had also offered up floor space to another friend who also wanted to come and join in the festivities so all in all our one bed-roomed flat would be accomodating four across the weekend. This was with the sole purpose of going into central London to meet other friends and get hideously drunk. I had a plan of what was going to happen. The nice lady who wanted my freezer from freecycle would arrive at 9am on Friday morning and remove that and then I would go sit in the internet cafe making a blog entry whilst I waited for the phone call to say ‘I’m Here!!!’. This plan began to unravel as early as Thursday afternoon. Never good.

On Thursday afternoon it had been my intention to finish the washing and get it aired out so I could pack away all unnecessary clutter for guests. The spanner went into the works when the machine failed to drain the water held in the drum. Bugger. Calls and emails were made and sent. The repairman called me in the evening and arranged to come fix my problem the following day between two and three thirty. Now, my Continental friend had given me and eta of one O’clock. I just had to hope and pray he had no delays on his trip of he was going to get fobbed off with a pub near the tube station whilst I waite don the washing machine man. That was manageable. So, fully in the knowledge that Friday was going to be hectic at best – I set my alarm so I would be awake and ready to move a freezer at nine in the morning.

Nine AM Friday morning rolled by. As did Nine thirty, and eventually ten O’clock rolled by. I dropped the freezer lady a line but got no reply so leaving a message I internally decided she had until eleven AM to get back tome before I went to the next person on the list. At half past ten she rang and apologised profusely for not getting to be for nine as promised. I inform her I can wait in until no later than midday. She assures me she will be here before then. I wait some more. At midday I call her to see what’s happening. “I’m on my way now” I am informed. This seems acceptable. I wait. At twenty past twelve I receive a call asking for directions to my flat. After a lot of confusing descriptions of landmarks I finally realise that she is in the wrong town and instruct her to the right town. As soon as my mobile goes down I receive the “I’m Here!!!!’ message from my continental friend. I grab my coat and head for the tube station. On the way I think I should really call the freezer lady and tell her I’m going to be out for twenty minutes or so. I call and tell her. Sorted.

The bearded continental man is indeed at the correct tube station. Good job he was smarter than the freezer lady and didn’t go to the wrong place with a similar name!! Anyway, We begin the walk back to the flat and decide that beer is needed. We stop at a supermarket and buy beer. However I manage to buy beer that isn’t of the special offer variety and so require a refund and beer that IS of the special offer variety. My continental friend finds this highly amusing. I do not. Anyway, the flat is finally within our reach! We get in sit down, turn on the wii and then the freezer lady arrives! PRAISE BE!!!!! The freezer is gone!

We drink beer and wave Wii remotes around our heads in an effort to urge the hammer throw that little bit further down the field when the washing machine man arrives! PRAISE BE! The mashing machine is fixed. I set the now rather smelly washing to rewash and convince my continental friend that we positively NEED to go drink beer and eat a burger at a local pub. I then recieve a call from my non continental house guest asking for my address and postcode. He then informs me he shall be arriving that very evening. “Oh” I say, “I didn’t think you were coming until tomorrow”. “No no” I am told, “I’m staying for two nights”. Oh alright then.

In summary – planning does you absolutely no good. Don’t bother because it never works out right.


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