The flat is immensely improved compared to the last time I was here. More items have been bought, more boxes have been unpacked and generally the place is looking like a home.

Small setback with the internet however. I don’t think we will have it until a week on Friday at the very earliest. That makes me a little annoyed and upset but I can’t make it go any faster so a week on Friday shall have to suffice. Luckily this internet cafe is cheap (only fifty pence per hour) and relatively convenient so it is not the end of the world. The lack of internet is making my job hunting somewhat problematic as there is no downloading allowed in here (for obvious reasons). This means hat I am unable to modify my contact details of my CV in order to email them out to prospective employers. So I am currently stuck with  a CV that has my old address on it. This would not be so bad if I could even temporarily save the CV on a machine here then re upload it to the job site but that is not allowed. Ah well.

I still have significant amounts of cleaning and sorting to do before I will be happy to receive our guests this weekend. For instance – today I have been tacking the disgusting job of changing the cooker hood filter. I know what kind of filter it needs and also purchased the right sort of bulbs so I have no excuse not to do it really. It’s just, well, the hood is FOUL. It’s thick with grease and grim for probably three years of cooking. I doubt very much it was cleaned or changed in all that time as it is truly revolting. If only I had the capability to upload a photo then you could all share my pain, but I do not, so you shall have to believe me when I say it is revolting.

I am enjoying the shower in the flat immensely. After a year of the jug and water method of washing hair, it is positively heavenly to stand under clean running water and wash. I have always disliked baths. It is in the end simply sitting in your own filth. Not my cup of tea.

Yet again my time run short. I can see my timer window beginning to tick down and I do not wish to lose my post to an ‘out of time’ message so I shall post it as it is.

Until next time


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Lindsay says:

    It sounds as though you are having a great time, albeit amongst unpacked boxes and smelly shower curtains! I’m sure London will be a fantastic experience for you and ‘him’ and that dream job is just waiting for you as soon as you get your CV updated! You could always ask your mother for help with that one if you can’t wait till Friday next!
    Keep blogging – it’s great to have the news first hand!

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