A foggy day in London town

The move is done – we are here and I am talking to you from an Internet cafe.

The move was pretty uneventful if I am honest. The removal man was a little later than expected but we got loaded up quickly and sent him on his way. We then did the final ‘we have got everything haven’t we?’ checks only to discover my bicycle had been forgotten. Bugger. Our car is only a small Yaris so there was no way it would fit in there around the PC’s and other paraphernalia we didn’t want in the van so we had to ring the removal man and get him to come back. Apart from that however the move was hassle free really. We had no breakages, no losses and only a short spell of getting lost.

Anyway, initial thoughts on the flat were of the “ooohhh shiney” variety but once the novelty had worn off I started to notice a few funky smells. One in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. These obviously required further investigation and resulted in 3 things being discovered. The bathroom smell was caused by a very mouldy shower curtain that also smelled of vomit so that went STRAIGHT into the dustbin. Solved. The next smell in the bedroom was not so easily solved. The source of the pong revealed itself when we opened the curtains to find nets, that once shone white, of a soggy black mould like disposition. The mould had even strayed as far as the lining of the curtains so one can only assume they had been like that for a very long time. We resolved to fix that problem the next day with a great deal of anti-bacterial spray and wiping of the window frame along with new nets and curtains. We carried on unpacking and to our dismay also found that chest of drawers, supplied by the landlord, also decidedly mouldy. This was not a good start. I was decidedly disheartened and upset at the fact that we had to sleep in the mould ridden room for at least one night before i could get stuck into remedying the issues.

Luckily for us, the area we have moved into is a veritable treasure trove of shops. They don’t look like anything special from the outside but once you get into them you can find practically anything within a 15 minute walk form our flat. To emphasise this I shall now tell you what we bought in a two hour spree down the high street. The bounty was as follows:-

2 x bedside tables (from a second hand shop)
1 x beautiful pine chest of drawers
1 x beautiful pine nest of tables
6 x fish bath splats (they’re very cute indeed)
1 x Toilet brush
2 x dustbins
1 x net curtain
1 x pair of curtains
20 x curtain rings to hang above mentioned curtains
1 x Organising for a man to come fetch the freezer we don’t need for free
1 x shower curtain
1 x TV Scart Box
1 x set of keys cut
1 x footlong meatball marinara sandwich with lettuce peppers cucumber and pickle (Yeah it was good)
1 x bathroom under basin storage thingy
1 x bathroom set of drawers
1 x ironing board
1 x clothes airer
1 x delonghi super sexy radiator
1 x cute spider plant in pot
1 x bedside lamp

I’m also sure there were more things but I ought to stop the list here. I think – for 15 minutes walk away – that is a fairly impressive array of items.

Oh gosh I have run out of time on this little internet session so I will end with happy news that that bathroom and bedroom are now utterly organised and wonderful. Had I been a better blogger I would have taken some before and after pictures but I didn’t so sorry about that. I will upload some picture of the finished article when I have my own internet running but for now you shall all have to trust me when I say i think it’s lovely.

Until next time…


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