Please choose from one of the following options…………….

Today has been a mix of more packing into boxes and moving home ‘admin’.

Packing was confined to speakers and the Cupboard of Doom today. The Cupboard of Doom is my phrase for a cupboard, that I believe everyone has in their house, into which goes anything you can’t find a place for. Our cupboard extends up higher than the door frame and there’s no light inside. This provoked an irrational fear that creepy crawlies were going to fall out and land on my head. Needless to say, a lot of tea drinking happened before I tackled that.

Another spell of tea drinking occurred before the next task. The admin……….

By ‘admin’ I mean the endless phone calls that have to be made to everyone you ever breathed near in order to inform them of your imminent move. I made a very sizable dent in the list I wrote about. My plan to change as much as I could via the Internet worked for a good majority of the companies and organisations but the call centres were unavoidable in the end.

The automated systems that the companies use to organise their calls do one of 2 things. They either work exceptionally well and result in very fast connection and resolution of queries, or, they fail horribly and result in the customer mashing their head against the buttons in a vain attempt to confuse the computer and get to speak to a person. Thankfully I only experienced one of the latter during the course of my day which has pleased me immensely. I also got to speak to some really chirpy people as well so all in all – not as horrific as was expected.

Hooray for the improvements to call canters! may they continue because it’s made my day brighter all round.


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